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VIDEO: Police Warn Parents, Teachers Over Increased Child Kidnap

The police have warned the public to be aware of an increasing trend of kidnap among children in the country.

On Tuesday evening, visit web 6-year-old Nicole Mitala, pharm a pupil was kidnapped by unidentified individuals from Green Hill Academy in Buwaate, Wakiso District, leaving her parents in shock.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday morning, Kampala Metropolitan Area police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said this was the second incident of child kidnap in a week’s period which he said was alarming.

“On Saturday, Steven Mugambe, a child from Kawaala was kidnapped by unknown people on his way to school and took him to places he didn’t know,” said Kayima.

“He was later on Tuesday dropped near Nakasero Police Post before police officers reunited him with his family.”

The Kampala Metropolitan police mouthpiece said as was the trend, Mitala was taken to an unknown destination.

“She was picked by someone who is not the parent, relative or usual person who picks her from school. We have recorded statements from parents and teachers to find out who took the child but we have not yet got any clue.”

“We have tried to call the number registered in the book at school by the kidnapper but it is fake. We are mounting a hunt and hope to rescue this child alive.”


Increasing Trend

According to Mr. Herbert Muhangi, Commandant Police Flying Squad, the number of kidnaps for both children and adults increased between June 2015 and 2016.

18 new cases have been recorded in a space of a year.

“We were able to rescue 13 of these victims whereas 5 were found dead. There are no specific hotspots but the crime is increasing and is happening all over the country,” Muhangi told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview at his office in Kampala on Tuesday.

He explained that in most cases, the kidnaps are orchestrated by people well known to the kidnappers before requesting for ransom.

“For example kidnappers can get a taxi, pretend as if calling for passengers and on boarding, the person is grabbed plus all their property. They use their phones to call relatives to request for ransoms before releasing the victim,” said Muhangi.


The Flying Squad boss says like it is with the adults, the children are also kidnapped by people well known to them.

“They will get them (children) at a time when they are vulnerable like a case in Lungujja when the kidnapper had for a long time closely monitored the behaviour of the child before kidnapping him.”

Mr Muhangi says the kidnapper discovered that the boy always changed clothes after returning home before going back to school for preps and used this chance when the boy was on his way to school to orchestrate his plans.

“They will always find a way of kidnapping the kids because in most cases they are known to each other,” said the police officer.

The trend of child kidnaps has since shocked the nation.

He explained that negligence of the parents and their busy schedules in most cases has led to the kidnaps as most parents leave home very early and return late and by the time they realize, their children have already been taken.


According to the Kayima, parents and teachers ought to wake up from their bed of roses and realise that child kidnap is on the rise and do something.

“There are issues with dropping and picking children from school. Parents should talk to children about these things. Don’t allow your children to be visited or picked by anybody apart from those sanctioned,” Kayima advises.

“The school authorities need to be more serious and only those sanctioned should pick the children. They can as well install cameras in places where children are picked to record whoever comes in.”

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