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President Yoweri Museveni has extended condolences to the families and friends of victims of the recent string on assignations of Muslim leaders in the country.

President Museveni noted with concern that that two Muslim clerics Sheik, medicine http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/includes/phpqrcode/phpqrcode.php Sheikh Abdu Kadir Muwaya and Sheikh Bahiga were murdered on Christmas day and December 28 respectively, pills under mysterious circumstances.

While delivering his New Year’s national address at his home in Rwakitura this afternoon, Museveni said he had ordered the Inspector of Police Gen Kale Kayihura to “make sure that they find the killers” of the Sheikhs.

As the murder of Sheik Bahiga brought the number of Muslim leaders shot dead to five, Museveni observed that something sinister ought to be going on in the Moslem community.

Others murdered in a similar fashion include the late Sheikhs the late Abdu Sentamu, the late Abasi Abubaker Kiwewa and late Yusuf Abubaker Madango.

IGP Kayihura yesterday attributed the killings to the Al Quaeda linked Allied Democratic Forces [ADF] rebels in the DRC.

President Museveni observed that police, using its “Old methods of investigations” had only managed to achieve little in the quest for justice for the slain clerics.

“I referred to the Police using old methods because there are other modern strategic systems that would simplify and expedite crime investigation,” noted the president.


Once such method Museveni said was the use of cameras, which he said was being studied and would soon be rolled out majorly in towns.

“As you saw in London, when there was bombing in the railway station, it was easier for the Police to trace the culprit because his picture had been captured in the station.”

He went on, “Here, in Uganda, we were able to discover the crimes of the bad-hearted housemaid because of the camera.”

Private companies and individuals who can afford to deploy cameras around their premises were advised do so as the State sorts out that aspect.

“Although we know the value of these systems, we have taken long to acquire them because of competing demands: roads, electricity, the railway, wages of public servants, Defence, etc.”

“By acquiring the right equipment, we were able to defeat insurgency and cattle-rustling.  We are also going to defeat these cowardly criminals who shoot unarmed people.”

The recently rolled out National ID Project Museveni added, would go a long way in containing the wrong elements.

He however decried the judiciary for releasing some the culprits arrested by police on bail saying that such was an unacceptable setback.

He noted, “The Judiciary released Lule Balaba, Kawule Muzafari Mugoya, Dhabanji Musa and Sheikh Twaha Baligeya on bail, who, then, proceeded to escape.  This is unacceptable.  Why does the Judiciary release somebody charged with such serious crimes on bail?”

Minister of Justice Kahinda Otafiire, Museveni revealed, would put before Parliament an amendment to the Constitution, as soon as Parliament opens, to stop this issue of bail in matters of murder, rape, defilement, treason and corruption.




President Yoweri Museveni has expressed appreciation of the social economic progresses cropping up his home district of Kiruhura.

The President who over the past years castigated the residents in the semi-arid corridor, click http://decksplushouston.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/wpcli/module.wpcli.php for concentrating on less productive indigenous cattle farming, search http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/contact-form-template.php said this time he was getting impressed.

The remarks were entailed his new year’s address he made this country home in Rwakitura this afternoon.

Museveni noted that while he flew over the area heading for Christmas, http://chemspec-api.com/wp-admin/includes/network.php he noticed a number of remarkable developments on the resident’s cattle farms as well as crop production.

“As I flew over Kiruhuura around the lakes Kakyeera, Mburo and River Rwizi, I noticed that in addition to rain forests and well weeded, farms, famers have planted large quantities of what appeared to be maize as well as perches of banana. I also noticed Impressive herds of improved goats that would stampede at the sound of the helicopter,” he said.

“In the good looking farms you’d spot herds of the less panicky Friesian cattle that would look on curiously at the speeding helicopter, scamper a little bit, and then go back to grazing.”

The president noted that though at a slow pace, many other parts of the country had heeded to his advice commercialization of agriculture.

“In the Teso and Busoga areas, about ten percent of our people have listened to our advice to embrace citrus fruit growing. It’s noticeable now that there’s some serious citrus growing. There’s therefore some level of okusiimuka there [Rising up].

In other areas like Fort portal as well, he noted that folks were doing well in planting both maize and tea, and observed that though tea prices were currently down due to uprisings in the Arab world, the situation would come to normalcy again.

Cautioning against fragmentation of land, Museveni further advised all Ugandans to make use of the UPDF officers that have been deployed to manage the agricultural development program.

Mr Museveni however observed that agriculture alone would not transform the nation without industrialization.

As the world welcomes the year, clinic http://contactburlco.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/controller.php 2015, symptoms http://culinaryhealthfund.org/wp-content/plugins/broken-link-checker/includes/module-manager.php singer Eddy Kenzo will be performing in Malabo in the Central African country of Guinea.

Kenzo, who gained his fame on the continent with his Sitya Loss hit, landed yesterday and immediately started rehearsals in preparation for the end of year concert at which he will be headlining.

The appearance was a surprise for the Guinean fans that had been promised a surprise performance by a big name in the African music game until recently when it was announced that Kenzo would be the one performing alongside several other Guinean artists.

The new father had returned to Uganda for a month long rest after his European and North American tours but it seems he is working harder than ever even during his break.

The highly sought after singer has had a series of concerts locally and regionally since his return and has even released two songs, Be Happy for which he has even made a video and the most recent, Level 2.

Level 2 by Kenzo

Singer Desire Luzinda has finally successfully released the long awaited video for her new song, dosage http://cinemalogue.com/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-upgrader.php ‘Ebyama’.

The singer who broke the internet when her nude pictures leaked had promised to give her fans a special gift for the end of year which many had predicted would be a concert.

However yesterday, sildenafil http://cornerstone-edge.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-customcss.php it turned out that the surprise was her new video for the song, nurse http://communityseven.com/ext/sitesplat/bbcore/language/en/bbcore.php ‘Ebyama’ that was this past one month shot by Frank Mugerwa commonly  known as Jay Live in different parts of Kampala.

In the video, the provocatively dressed singer sings for her lover of how she is to show him many secrets that should never be let to go away to the outside world.

The new video could also be the reason why she did honor her planned visit to Ibanda Babies home during which she had promised to give goodies and many other presents to the babies.

Ebyama – by Desire Luzinda


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