VIDEO: Luwandagga Eulogized as a Rare Breed of Journalist

Mourners on Monday afternoon poured their hearts out as they praised veteran UBC sports journalist Andrew Patrick Luwandagga during a memorial service at Namirembe Cathedral.

Many of them described him as a rare breed of journalist, ampoule who not only loved his job, order but also influenced many others to admire it.

“He loved sports especially football and made many of us love it. He marketed the sport very well to everyone who got a chance to listen and watch him, ” former Prime Minister, Prof. Apollo Nsibambi said of the late Luwandagga, adding that he was also trustworthy.

Former Premier Prof Apollo Nsibambi and his wife lay a wreath on the casket
Former Premier Prof Apollo Nsibambi and his wife lay a wreath on the casket

The Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) president (to which he was a member and former president), Sabiti Muwanga said many young journalists always learnt great lessons from Luwandagga who at all times was available ‘as an encyclopedia.’

Allan Sewanyana
Allan Sewanyana

“Whenever he read one’s work and found a mistake, he would call to advise them where they went wrong. His death leaves us a challenge that we should try to emulate him,” the USPA president noted.

“We should not let his legacy fade away. We ought to fight hard and make him live despite his death.”

One of the founder members of USPA, Fred Ssekitto who also mentored Luwandagga  described him as a small and shy  reporter in 1984 who grew up to become a ‘lion’ in the industry.

“He wanted to join USPA and we had to put him on 2 year’s probation. Luwandagga never minded and was patient until he fully joined us. He was patient, hardworking and loved his job,” Ssekitto praised the late veteran sports journalist.


To Simon Kaheru, the board chairman at UBC where Luwandagga spent over 40 years in the sports department, he was always reliable and his life was impactful to his fellow workers.

He said that Luwandagga was a type of rare breed of journalist who always followed the professional ethics of his jobs in everything he did.

Late Luwandaga's widow Sarah Kayemba lays a wreath
Late Luwandagga’s widow Sarah Kayemba lays a wreath

“He was the first Ugandan commentator at the Olympics where he made Uganda proud as everyone wanted to associate with him. His calmness and professionalism could not go unnoticed.”

SC Villa chairman Eng. Ben Misagga described the late Luwandagga as a good orator liking him to Francis Bbaale( former news anchor at UBC) and the late  Fredrick Chiluba, the former Zambian president  whom he said shared similar skills as far as speaking English was concerned.

Luwandagga's Orphans
Luwandagga’s Orphans

In his sermon, the Assistant Vicar at Namirembe Cathedral, Rev. George William Kyeyune said  there is need for people to emulate the late Luwandagga whom he said had a big impact on the society because of his good deeds.

“He used well his talent that God had given him making people fall in love with his job including

Myself. He was a living encyclopedia for all journalists and people who wanted to excel in that field,” Rev. Kyeyune said of APL, as he was commonly referred to by friends.

“He was a professional that everyone needs to emulate in a bid to help build our nation.”


Andrew Patrick Luwandagga was born to the late Andrew Bayiringisa and the late Solome Nakitto on September 21, 1955.

He attended Nnabagereka Primary and Old Kampala Secondary Schools before pursuing sports journalism in the United Kingdom, United States and Italy.

Luwandagga joined civil service in 1974 working at the then Radio Uganda and later in 1977 joined Uganda Television (UBC) where he worked until his death.

By the time of his death, he was the head of sports and current affairs at UBC TV.

He was married to Sarah Kayemba in 1985 and their marriage was blessed with 3 boys and 2 girls.


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