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VIDEO: Lucky, Ayo Tease Gaetano about Chat with Museveni after BBA

Media Personality Gaetano Kaggwa on Thursday morning faced the whimsical side of his co-workers, Luky Mbabazi, with whom they host the morning show at Capital FM and Sam Ayo, a news anchor.

On Thursday morning as the Big Breakfast show went on, Mbabazi took a moment to question why she never picked interest in most personalities that featured on Big Brother Africa (BBA), yet, according to her; there was something different about Gaeteano.

Gaetano Kaggwa represented Uganda in the first edition of BBA in South Africa, where performed quite well, finishing in third position.

The $100,000 jackpot was that year, 2013, scooped by Cherise Makubale from Zambia.

A few seconds after offering her opinion, Sam Ayo chipped in, saying that Gaetano became a popular character because he had sex on the reality TV show.

While in BBA, Gaetano hooked up housemate, Abby Plaatjes, a South African — and during their stay in the house, there was a scene that featured them appearing to be having sex.

Gaetano has up to now refused to clarify the claim, leaving judgement to the public.

“I cannot tell people that they saw this and that. What they saw on television is what they saw. I left it up to them to make their own conclusions of what they saw that day,” he said when asked about it by Daily Monitor in 2009.


While Ayo insisted that Kaggwa became “famous” because he had on sex on screen, Mbabazi laughingly said it was because he “was different”.

She did not explain how, before Ayo switched the conversation to how it gave Kaggwa an opportunity to fly alongside Abby in a presidential helicopter.

It is at this time that Mbabazi tasked Kaggwa to narrate his experience in the helicopter and the conversation he had with President Yoweri Museveni when they met.

Mbabazi: When you got to meet him (President Museveni), what was the first question?

Gaetano: The President asked me … how was it? (There is no guarantee that that’s what actually happened.)

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