VIDEO: Long-awaited ‘Katumba Oyee’ Song Video Released

A few days to Uganda’s general elections, the youngest presidential candidate, John Katumba, has released his campaign song video titled ‘Katumba Oyee’, his proverbial campaign mantra.

Last week, snippets from a video shoot in which the candidate appeared, made rounds on social media, leaving many guessing what the youthful Katumba was up to.

In the video clips, Katumba was seated in the centre, exuding the majesty of a crown prince, surrounded by girls chanting “Twagala Katumba wa ffe, yamanyi ebizibu byaffe” translating to “We want our Katumba because he is the only one who knows our problems.”

John Katumba (R) showing off his outlandish dance moves.

On Monday evening, Agaba George, popularly known as DJ Crim aka ‘The Turntable Guru’ released the official video for Katamba’s song.

The song, produced by Andy music, basically has an Afro house touch to it, which makes it very catchy.

Turns out the ladies love Katumba after all.

In the video, just like in the snippets seen prior, Katumba is surrounded by many girls who depict his supporters in the presidential race. It also has a few clips from Katumba’s campaign trail and of course his slogan ‘Katumba Oyee’ which grabbed several mentions.

The video is currently on DJ Crim’s and John Katumba’s YouTube Channels.

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