Video: Internal Affairs Minister Odongo Okays Teargas Manufacturing Student

Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo has given a green light to Makerere University’s Samuel Mugarura, approved a student who manufacturers teargas carry on with his inventions.

The police recently said Mugarura’s project was a  security  threat to the country and the student himself.
However, approved responding to a question about the fate of  Mugarura, sick Odongo said he welcomes  any kind of  innovation made especially by Ugandans.

“Innovations in science are very welcome especially if they are made by Ugandans. I welcome such ventures,”the Internal Affairs Ministers said on Monday at the police headquarters in Naguru.

Security Minister Jeje Odongo addressing press in Naguru today
Security Minister Jeje Odongo addressing press in Naguru today

Gen. Odongo however said there is need to ‘harness’ the innovation so it doesn’t fall into hands of wrong elements.
He said it would be interesting  to have an  interaction  with those individuals and see how the innovations are going to be helpful to the society and country at large.

“The science is very welcome but its the management of it that we have to see how to deal with.”

The 3rd year student of Bachelor of Sciences College of Natural Science Mugarura  recently told this website that he has received calls from security agencies led by police, threatening to take action against him for his invention which they say is illegal.

“Police threatened to arrest me for illegal possession of government property.  Mugarura Samuel is not a terrorist like some agencies stated,” he said.

The Kampala Metropolitan Area Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima told this website in a phone interview that police had searched Mugarura’s room and found  some illegal items adding that the Makerere  student denied them on record.

He added the Mugarura ought to follow the law as pertaining his innovations.

“He should follow the standard procedure and should not do things that might compromise his security and national security,”Kayima told Chimpreports

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