VIDEO: I Am Kampala’s Long-awaited Messiah, says Minister Kamya

Kampala Minister Beti Kamya has boasted she is the long awaited messiah to solve the problems affecting Uganda’s capital Kampala and its dwellers.

Addressing a news conference at the Uganda Media Centre on Friday, order Kamya said she has received a number of calls and complaints from various stakeholders including traders, viagra dosage vendors, approved taxi drivers, boda boda riders and everyone concerned with the wellbeing of the city stressing it is high time she heeds to their calls and complaints.

“Most of the things and people have been around but there is something new about Kampala and that is the new minister for the city,”Kamya said.

“It is now time of less bickering, less politics but more action different from what has been here a few years ago.”

According to Kamya, in the past, the wrangles and bickering between the political and technical wings of Kampala Capital City Authority have undermined development and brought confusion in the city.

She said the order of the day in the past years was disagreements between the leaders of the city and in many cases this made city duelers abdicate their roles including payment of taxes and other dues.

Kamya however says she has championed a campaign that advocates for cohesion among leaders of the city  in a bid to see the city develop at a terrific speed.

“The campaign is that we can disagree on politics and politic as much as we can but we must agree on development and order of the city.”


She said that according to reports from KCCA, revenue collection has been reducing in the previous successive months because most traders no longer raise the money to pay authority revenue adding that this is partly because of the mess in the city.

On markets, Kamya said she had received over 30 petitions at her desk in relation to wrangles and other problems affecting traders in various markets in the city. This, she noted will soon be solved because she has started on the healing process for Kampala markets.

“I have put in place a commission of inquiry into all the mess and wrangles in the markets and will come up with a policy to handle markets in Kampala. We might not solve it in one day but I am sure we will have positive results,” Kamya noted.

On street vendors, the Minister said she is working with KCCA and various stakeholders to see how to relocate them in a better way other than how they were handled previously by the authority.

She said the presence of street vendors partly contributes to reduced revenue by KCCA and the counterfeit goods on the market.

Kamya said there is need to handle them well and also support them.

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