Video: Gen Tumukunde ‘Quizzes’ Detectives During Kololo Property Search

Presidential aspirant, Retired General Henry Tumukunde spent the better of his time quizzing detectives as they searched his properties in Kololo.

A new video seen by ChimpReports shows Tumukunde wondering why detectives were disturbing his gardener and houseboy.

“Where is my video (camera)? Go and take my gardener’s face,” said Tumukunde.

“Really, a gardener. And a houseboy… do you think this compound is not cut? It is cut. Do you think the house doesn’t get cleaned? It is cleaned… Somebody has to clean,” he charged.

Some parts of the video footage captured during the search of Tumukunde’s premises in Kololo are quite inaudible.

However, it appears security forces roughed up Tumukunde’s house helpers.

The forensic experts can be seen taking pictures of materials picked from the property as Tumukunde sat in a cross-legged pose.

These include military tent poles, groundsheet, tent peg, storage pockets, an iPad, military shoes, an old military shirt, notebooks and a computer among other items.


Video: Presidential aspirant Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde ‘quizzing’ detectives during the search of his Kololo property | ChimpReports

Gepostet von ChimpReports am Sonntag, 15. März 2020

During the search, Tumukunde, a former Security Minister, doesn’t stop quizzing the detectives, wondering why the political leadership sent a large number of investigators to his premises.

“If you are really brilliant, why not find out why they sent all of you here?” he asked rhetorically.

He also tells investigators combing what police described as a “crime scene” that the items they are compiling are “irrelevant.”

Tumukunde also grumbles that “you (investigators) have taken some of my things.”

The former NRA combatant, who would later serve as head of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and Military Intelligence, was arrested this past Thursday from his private office in Kololo, Kampala.

Tumukunde, who had just been cleared to hold consultations for the 2021 campaigns, was taken to CIID headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala before being transferred to Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for interrogation.

The former chief of personnel and administration in UPDF was later taken to his properties in Kololo for a search.

His family members and campaign strategists were eventually arrested and detained at several police stations in different parts of Kampala.

Police said Tumukunde was arrested over his remarks urging Rwanda to cause regime change in Uganda.

“If I was Rwanda, I would support people who want to cause change in Uganda,” said Tumukunde.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said by calling on the “support of a neighboring country to support him in removing the current leadership with or without the ballot’ saw him charged under Sections 23 (2) b and 23 (3) b, of the Penal code Act, which deals with instigating persons to invade the Republic of Uganda and inciting any persons to make a mutinous assembly.

Uganda’s current relations with Rwanda are at their lowest and the prospect of an all-out war is yet to be ruled out.

Police said Tumukunde’s utterances in a series of radio and television interviews “seek to foster hatred that might lead to inter-community violence, fomenting and glorifying violence in general.”

The family members have since urged authorities to free Tumukunde, saying the charges against him are politically-motivated.

Police are today expected to issue a statement on the progress of the investigations into the matter.

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