Video: Gen Muntu to Nakaseke: Elect Leaders who’ll Resist Trappings of Power

Presidential candidate Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has warned against electing leaders who will fall victim to “trappings of power”, Chimp Corps report.

“You have to elect someone who will not be drunk with power,” said Muntu on Tuesday.

“It’s not easy to avoid trappings of power. There are many temptations which can only be resisted by strong and tested leaders,” said The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leader.

Muntu said Ugandans need a sober and clean leader who’ll pave the way for the country’s transformation.

Muntu, who served as army commander between from 1989 to 1998, spoke today in Nakaseke, Central region, where he is holding campaign meetings.

He is riding on his clean public service record to convince voters that he will save nation’s soul.

A former lawmaker at East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), Muntu is leaving no stone unturned in capturing the imagination of the Ugandan electorate.

Critics say Muntu, 62, who has emphasized character and stability is too rooted in the more civil politics.

He has deliberately avoided bare knuckle politics, preferring small campaign meetings with supporters across the country.

Muntu, who still reveres institutions, told the people of Nakaseke that Uganda should work tirelessly for a brighter future after President Museveni’s era.

“There are two schools of thought. One is that Museveni must be removed regardless of what happens next. For us, we want to remove Museveni and keep the country on a growth trajectory,” said Muntu.

“Nothing good happens without concerted effort. We need to think deeply about the post-Museveni era. If people want a prosperous country, they must support leaders with such a vision,” he emphasised.

Muntu also reiterated his determination to select a clean public service to stamp out corruption.

Muntu, who co-founded FDC, Uganda’s largest opposition party, believes his character, coupled with his reputation as an empathetic and experienced leader, makes him acceptable to a broad coalition of Ugandans including independents and some moderates who are not out to avenge the ruling party’s excesses.

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