Video: Faces of Terror: Gruesome Boda Murder Shocks Nation

Uganda is struggling to come to terms with a horrible murder of a boda boda rider in Kampala, with many calling for a robust response from security forces against criminals in the city.

Two un identified thin male robbers posing as potential clients were captured on cctv cameras in Rubaga as they strangled and repeatedly hit the boss rider with a stone to the head, killing him instantly.

They immediately after, stole his motorcycle and fled from the scene.

“The territorial police in Old Kampala Divisional Headquarters is actively investigating the gruesome murder,” said police in a statement on Saturday.

The faces of the killers

The incident, which occurred on June 29, 2019 at round 0400 am, at Kakeeka Zone, Rubaga Division, in the Kampala district, was captured on the CCTV cameras of a nearby nursery and primary school.

“It was retrieved by the police and widely circulated for the public to help in the identification of the two male suspects,” the police statement reads in part.

“The body of the deceased was transported to the city mortuary for further post-mortem examination.”

Ugandans took to Facebook and Twitter to express shock at the robbers’ lack of empathy.

Others said such criminals should be shot by police.

The manner in which the boda rider was grabbed and wrestled to the ground in just a blink of an eye has raised fears that the robbers could be experienced killers in the city.

The killers also carefully selected a secluded place where they carried out the murder.

Police said their cyber forensic experts were “analyzing the CCTV footage for facial recognition and formal identification of the suspects, as well as the registration number plates of the stolen motorcycle.”

Cases of murder in the city have been on the rise in recent months.

“We are also engaging managers of all boda boda stages, whose members could have disappeared or anyone that might have knowledge about a missing rider or the two male suspects, to contact police,” said police.

Additional teams from the Homicide and Flying squad departments, have been dispatched to Old Kampala Divisional Headquarters, to assist in identifying the suspects and tracking them down for arrest.

“We want to use this opportunity to remind all boda boda riders, of continued threats against them, of robbers posing as potential clients. We urge them to avoid late night transactions, avoid carrying more than one passenger and to share trip details with colleagues,” said police.

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