VIDEO: Chaos in London after Ugandan Singers Refuse to Perform, Fans Vandalize Property

There was actual drama, not the one seen in plays by The Ebonies, in London over the weekend after Ugandan artistes refused to perform at a concert prompting the impatient fans to vandalize property at the venue.

Singers Vinka, Irene Namatovu and husband Geoffrey Lutaaya refused to perform at ‘The Big Weekender’ themed show at the Royal Regency Hall in London due to a disagreement with the organizers of the event on Saturday night.

Reports from London suggest that the singers refused to perform because the organizers who booked them did not fully pay them as agreed.

It ought to be noted that the show was mainly for The Ebonies but organizers also added the singers hoping to cash in on the opportunity from Ugandan community in UK.

ChimpLyf understands that, of all musicians, it was only Eddy Yawe who had performed before the expectant audience learnt that the others had refused to perform.

Irene Namatovu

This, as expected, got the audience worked up and destroyed property in the Hall; throwing chairs, bottles and any other objects they could land on.

In a 51 seconds video obtained by ChimpLyf, fans are seen getting rowdy throwing the objects onto the stage in protest after feeling cheated of their hard earned money.

We are meant to understand that the fans paid Shs200, 000 -300,000 per head to access the Royal Regency Hall.


Efforts by police officers to restore calm were in vain as the visibly incensed fans hurled all sorts of obscenities at the MC, organizers and singers who were then backstage.

The Ebonies stage was torn into pieces.

As they always say ‘you can take someone out of the village but you cannot take the village out of them’, this was evident as the behavior of Ugandans in London was not different from that of those at Lugogo Cricket Oval during the Tarrus Riley concert in August where Bebe Cool was pelted off stage with bottles by angry fans.

Geoffrey Lutaaya at Old Traford in Manchester

As a result, several members in the audience especially women were injured during the moments of madness due to the flying bottles prompting Police ambulances to rush to the venue.

It is reported that some of the fans had travelled from as far as Netherlands and Germany to be entertained by the said Ugandan musicians only to be disappointed when they refused to perform.

In the aftermath, songbird Vinka has blamed the organizers for the chaos and why show ended prematurely on Saturday night.

Vinka has apologized to her fans in London for the incident

The ‘Omukwano Gwo’ star who claims organizers violated the contract has since apologized to her fans promising to do better next time.

“My London fans it’s unfortunate the show could not go on as planned. The promoter violated his contractual obligations at all fronts and failed to manage the event program well,” the slender singer posted on her official social media page.

Vinka added, “He left you to endure long opening acts and you evidently ran out of patience as a result the show could not continue under those circumstances.

“We apologize for having worked with an incompetent event planner we promise to do better next time,” Vinka wrote.

Watch video of fans destroying property below;

Chaos in London- Vinka, Geofrey Lutaaya, Irene Namatovu didnt perform as revellers became violent and threw sharp objects at the MC, & event organiser. The Ebonies stage was torn into pieces. What really happen, am yet to find out from the event organiser himself. If you attended this concert, give us your view and what you think should be done in the future

Posted by Kakensa Media on Sunday, October 7, 2018


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