VIDEO: “Bebe Cool helped me get the NTV Job”—Douglas Lwanga

Undeniably one of the best male TV presenters in Uganda, Douglas Lwanga has a story to tell.

In an interview with Sanyu FM’s Crystal Newman over the weekend, Douglas revealed his rather surprising journey from Record TV to NTV.

Douglas, when asked how he got to the Serena based Television, said, “NTV didn’t contact me”.

When he quit Record TV, about four years ago, Douglas says, “There was this one particular person who was concerned—Bebe Cool”.

In a phone call, Bebe Cool apparently asked, “Douglas, so you’ve left record TV, why?”

It was at this point, when the then unemployed Douglas explained to Bebe Cool how he had fallen out with management at Record TV.

“He [Bebe Cool] said, yeah, there’s something in what you’re saying,” Douglas told Crystal Newman.

Douglas further revealed how Bebe Cool got concerned, asking what his next move was.


“I was like I don’t know, because there many stations that were reaching out,” Douglas said.

Bebe Cool, after hearing out Douglas, said, “No you shouldn’t settle for less, you’re a big brand, you’ve built this thing for long, I want you at…this place”.

In his revelation, Douglas says, Bebe Cool made a call to NTV Managing Director Agnes Konde, after which he [Douglas] was called to the station.

“I told her why I left record, what I would want to do….,” Douglas said.

“She was like yeah, I think we can try out something, go think of something and come present it,” he added.

It was after this that Douglas Lwanga’s “NTV the Beat” idea was later accepted and incorporated in the station’s daily program.

Watch the Video Here:


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