Victoria University Students Launch Emergency Alert App

Students from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Victoria University have developed a mobile application to enable users alert friends and service providers in an emergency situation.

Dubbed “Nisaidie”, the app launch was yesterday officiated by Victoria University Acting Vice Chancellor Joseph Nyakana at an ICT symposium held at Kampala Parents’ School.

The competition which attracted 11 participating schools was aimed at improving creativity among students and also enable learners develop skills to monetize their ideas.

“Nasaidie”, which still lacks a few features to fully function is being worked on by a group of 7 students pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology and Banking and Finance.

The students are John Paul Olinga, Peter Isiko, Paddy Kabanda, Kevin Karuhanga, Vanessa Nakasendwa, Daniel Labwe and Matthew Okema.

John Paul Olinga told ChimpReports that what triggered them to start on the project was after “realizing that we have emergency service operators but they are not connected by a central service.”

They thus believe their app will reduce crime rate, improve productivity among service providers, enhance security awareness and allow flexibility among service providers

With that, Olinga claims, “a Ugandan will have an improved peace of mind.”

How it works

Kevin Karuhanga when introducing the initiative, said with the program uploaded on your phone, you can alert people when in troubling moments like robbery, accidents, and fire outbreaks among other calamities.

Peter Isiko speaking during the launch yesterday at Kampala Parents' School
Kevin Karuhanga speaking during the launch yesterday at Kampala Parents’ School

It has a ‘panic button’, which on tapping sends an instant message to three people you will have saved to always receive your emergency notifications.

It’s after the first message, that you can now text or forward an audio specifying your current situation.

The application also enables your friend or service provider to track your location using the Geo-location feature.

When offline, information can be delivered through texting or making a call.


Olinga says they are still talking to the police and other security agencies on how they can make the project operate.

They also plan on establishing a “website to allow integration of more features.”


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