Victoria University Student: How I Won Visa Free Movement Video Challenge

Simon Singiza, price a student of Victoria University Kampala, patient Uganda, who participated in the Free Movement Video Contest was chosen as the best among the hundreds of entries submitted from all parts of Africa.

Participants were required to say something about Visa Free Movement of Africans in Africa.

They were further challenged to create a 60 second or less MP4 video that “demonstrates why you think Visa Free Movement of Africans in Africa is important.”

Singiza, who won the stiff competition, says he was inspired by what he describes as the “Victorian Dream.”

He shared his success story with ChimpReports:

“I once talked of the Victorian dream. A dream that sees every student attain employment, scholarship or a start up business by the time of their graduation. For every student to attain maximum opportunities they should not be limited by borders. That dream is what motivated me to campaign for a visa free Africa for cross pollination of innovation and ideas is what will help us learn from one another.

I am honored that my video campaign was chosen as the best among the hundreds of entries submitted from all parts of Africa. What I had to say about my passion to see a borderless Africa was endorsed by the judges of CCPAU and the general public.

Just the other month, because of my projects and work with the youth I was also immensely humbled to be invited by the African youth commission to attend the Uongozi Institute African youth leadership summit in Dar es salaam and take part in debates and round table discussions with youth leaders from over 26 African countries.


We discussed how we as youths can participate in the quest to achieve the sustainable development goals and if we are all ready to do our part.

Standing on that platform in front of over 200 youth leaders, as I gave my presentation and chairing one of the sessions whose focus was on youth involvement in democracy and good governance in Africa, I knew and begun to realize that the Victorian dream is now even more possible than ever.

Everything has not been by accident. When you have a dream and ambition the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

I would like to profoundly thank all those who took the time on Facebook to vote like share comment on my campaign. Special thanks goes to Lummy for shooting the video and to all those that encouraged me, I dedicate this win to you.

I challenge all of us to step up and do great things and to keep the Victorian dream very much alive.”

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