Victoria University Offers Life Skills to Youth

Students of Victoria University Kampala, high school learners and the alumni of the university were yesterday treated to free knowledge on how they can thrive in the hard times of unemployment and hard economy.

The youth who were attending the first ever students expo  themed “Celebrating Youth Creativity” hosted by Victory university were advised to always fight to succeeded against their poor background and the hard economic situations in the country instead of sitting around and crying about it.

“No one is going to sympathize with you because you are from a poor family or because you went to a poor school. What companies want are people who are creative and who are going to add value to the company,” said Simon Senkayi, a motivational speaker.

Senkayi asked the youth to use social media wisely as a way of promoting themselves and branding themselves for the job market.

The Vice Chancellor, Joseph Nyakana asked students to always work hard and not only depend on what is taught in class because in most cases, it is not enough to guarantee them a job in the job market.

“Times are hard; almost 80% of the youth who leave universities cannot find jobs. Even when the jobs are there, the graduates are unqualified for the job because they do not have the necessary skills.”

He added: “it is necessary for students to attend training and these kinds of workshops because they will learn what is expected of them in the field.”

Nyakana asked students who are seeking to join university to consider going to Victoria University because it is designed in a way that it focuses on skilling rather than the usual theories that are offered in other universities.


“We are known for imparting practical skills in our students, a thing that not common with the traditional universities. That is why I call upon all students and parents to bring their children to Victory University because they will have been chances in getting a job in these times when getting a job is real hard,” he added.


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