Victoria Campus Tour: Museveni Roots for ICT Development

Nelson Mpolera who calls himself Bliss and is only 27 years, price is one of those little known but most hardworking and wealth youths in the country.

You can’t help but marvel, stuff when he begins to tell you about what his achieved at such a small age.

In addition to several of his investments in Kampala, cost he has now added a $ 1.2million recreational yacht and is eying a private jet.

Chimpreports hooked up with Mpolera and he shared a mouthful about his life and wealth.

Who is Bliss?

Bliss is a 27 year old man dealing in minerals especially gold. I have been fortunate to work as a broker for a number of very big people in transactions in and out the country, and it was from these commissions that I managed to start my own investments.

What about the name Bliss?

My Real names are Nelson Mpolera. Bliss is just a nick name I acquired in high school. It’s what my partners in business actually like to call me.


So you went to school?

Yeah; I didn’t reach very far though. I did my Primary school at Kampala Model Primary school, and then joined Katikamu SDA and Maryland High school on Entebbe road for O’ Level. I attended HSC at Lugazi Mixed and Greenville High school.

No degrees?

No degrees. I stopped at A’ level in 2008 and at this time the urge to make my own money was boiling inside. That’s why I never felt like proceeding to University.

I immediately branched off and started selling cars.

Why did you choose business?

I was, I may say, inspired by some successful businessmen. One of them was my friend Gerald Kwizera who owned lots of estates around the country, and the other was Hamis Kiggundu (HAM)

Have you found any huddles on this course?

A great deal! You know one of the things I have taught myself is to take chances. I am not afraid of taking risky ventures and that is what has brought me this far. I have to tell you that at one point I lost almost everything I that I owned. But I also don’t give up.

Bliss Nelson Mpolera
Bliss Nelson Mpolera

I know that you are very close to tycoon HAM, are you related?

Actually, I am not that close to him. I am closer to his young brother Issa Lukwago. Ham is family to me, am more of their family friend because we went to the same Primary school.

So tell us about the yacht

The boat which I am going to bring to the country before the end of this year is super luxury Yacht made in Monaco and is currently in Dubai, it is called San Lorenzo, and its 76ft from its stern to the bow.

It has space for up to 30 people, and I got it at $ 1.2 million.

What got you acquiring yourself this monster?

I managed to get information relating to this yacht from its owner whom I met in Uganda and later on we became good friends. She was selling it at $1.5 million but we haggled to the final price and she accepted that I pay in installments

I thought I could be making some money from it. My friends told me Ugandans love hiring boats. I will be stationed at Munyonyo.

Is this your first one?

Nope, I own a number of other speed boats.

And you wrote Bliss on the boat

Yeah, that’s more like my brand now.

So how much will you be charging for a ride on the Bliss?

I can’t estimate the price as per now but it will depend on the package.

What other things do you own?

Oh, I have a great passion for buildings.  I own a number of apartments I rent out in Buziga, Munyonyo, Makindye and I also have a transport company in South Sudan

What are your future plans?

Am very multifaceted when it comes to investing, I inject my money in anything provided it’s legit. I want to set up a mall, and may be years to come; I will get myself a private Jet.

Are you married?


President Yoweri  Museveni has highlighted the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a major drive force in modern life and development.

Museveni observed on Saturday that ICT was becoming part of all the sectors that support modern life and prosperity and that Uganda needed to aggressively embrace it for its transformation.

“ICT is about doing things quickly and easily . In the past while aiming a riffle, price one had to be super steady, erectile you didn’t even breathe in order to take a shot. But nowadays you can just enter digits into the computer and the bullet is released, see ” Museveni said on Saturday while opening the 3rd annual Mozilla Festival East Africa at Victoria University in Kampala.

President Museveni inspects the students' exhibition stands
President Museveni [in hat] inspects the students’ exhibition stands. On his left in Victoria University VC Dr Stephen Isabalija
He added, “ICT helps other sectors including social services, industry and agriculture. In the past communication through phones was done using the satellite that would send information to other parts of the world and this would cost $4500 per gigabyte but now it is done through cables in the ground and sea and each gigabyte costs only $300. This is all because of ICT.”

The President also observed that ICT through use of the computers has exposed people especially youths to a revolution and made every aspect of their life much easier.

Museveni with Sudhir Ruperelia
Museveni with Sudhir Ruparelia

Museveni pledged government’s continued support to the sector which he said would lead to further development of all the other sectors in the economy.

Speaking at the function, Dr Stephen Isabalija, the Victoria University Vice Chancellor added his voice to the president’s, noting that great economies like the US had reached where they are through mass investment in the sector.

“If you bring a doctor of the 1980s now, he can’t do anything if   they have no knowledge about ICT .The same applies to an accountant, which shows that ICT is a driving force towards development in the country that we must embrace,” Dr.Isebalija said.

Museveni for a group photo with some of Victoria University students and staff
Museveni for a group photo with some of Victoria University students and staff

Dr.Isabalija noted that in the US most sectors depend on one another through ICT which could be applied even in Uganda.

The annual Mozilla Festival East Africa brings together individuals and innovators to develop new ideas and build solutions that directly respond to challenges in Africa in the ICT sector.

This year’s theme is ‘Building solutions for Africa’s challenges together on the web’ and is intended to look at social innovation, education, mobile tools and technologies among others.

The function was graced by among others Ruparelia Group CEO and Victoria University patron Sudhir Ruparelia and the University promoter Rajiv Ruparelia.



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