Veterinary Association Protests ‘Unfair’ Arrests of Its members

The Uganda Veterinary Association has come out to condemn what they deem as unfair arrests of its veterinarians working in various districts in western Uganda by security organizations.

This follows a quarantine that was issued by government in the districts of Sembabule, Kirihura, Ibanda, Isingiro, Rakai and Nyantonde in response to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the region.

In the past weeks, about 10 veterinarians from Sembabule, Ibanda and Isingiro were arrested over issuing cattle movement licenses to farmers from the affected areas despite the quarantine.

According to Baluka Sylvia Angubua the vets’ association president, these arrests have been done unfairly and are against the rights of the officers.

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“As an Association, we demand the immediate release of all veterinarians that have been arrested in the past weeks because most of them have been done without any evidence that these vets actually gave out the licenses, while others didn’t get the information because they lack good communication channels” she said.

Angubua further called for suspension of all issuance of animal movement permits until the confusion is addressed and the working environment of veterinarians improved.

“We demand that every district veterinary officer should be given transport for quick movement to facilitate surveillance, early detection and reporting in order to counter the current disease outbreaks particularly foot and mouth disease,” she added

Baluka was speaking to journalists at a press conference at the association’s head office in Kampala.


The conference was held to announce the UVA road map towards the end of 2019.

On the upcoming activities, UVA announced that it will hold the World Rabies day on September 28th in Kiryandongo district.

It will also hold the Annual general meeting for its members from November 14th to 15th at Golf course hotel in Kampala

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