Valentine’s Day Exposes The Happy, Depressed & Lonely Celebrities

We can all agree on one thing, Ugandan celebrities live for social media and can never pass a chance to flaunt the good things that happen to them.

On such days as Valentine’s, we get to be at the front line of knowing the clear relationship statuses of our celebrities without using much effort.

Unlike other days where we get to coerce them into opening up about their love lives, during this time, one just has to visit social media in the evening hours of Valentine’s Day to know who is in a happy relationship, who just hooked up, who is lonely or depressed.

Among the lucky ones who were pampered and shown heaven by their lovers; known and unknown to the public eye were Sheila Gashumba, Daniella Atim, Barbie Kyagulanyi, Zari Hassan, Zuena Kirema, Aziz Azion, Geostedy, Dora Mwima among others.

Dorah Mwima with her husband on a dinner date

These are among the few celebrities who openly posted beautiful messages about their lovers and showed off the expensive thoughtful gifts that they received, a sign that they were in fulfilled relationships.

“This year’s valentine is a special one!! This is the only Valentine’s Day that I have celebrated with someone that I truly love by my side,” posted Gashumba in a video with new lover going for dinner.

The Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool went all the way out during his performance at Fame Lounge where he went on his knees for Zuena as he sang for her ‘Wasibukawa’.


“God manifested himself again this Valentine’s Day,Thank you Chameleone for allowing God to use you to deliver the package,” Daniella posted on her Instagram thanking her husband for gifting her with a house in the States.

Chameleone with wife Daniella Atim standing in front of their House in the States

Singers Apass, Aziz Azion, Geosteady among others flaunted their ‘beas’ and treated them to expensive dinners.

The list of those with stable fulfilling relationships who were not afraid of showing their lovers off on Valentine’s Day is a bit longer than that however, this day gave us an opportunity to find out our lonely celebrities.

The most shocking part is that most of the top notch beautiful artists were out performing and never came out to claim any man or at least post lavish gifts they received.

These celebrities definitely have admirers or even people in their corner but the fact that they never steered clear of the day of love showed that they are not so sure of their ‘private’ people to post them, which made them come off as single and lonely.

Even the boss lady Zari whose lover is still mysterious posted the expensive flowers, chocolates, champagne that she received…because no celebrity can pass the opportunity to show off such unless they have no one to give them.

The Boss Lady showing off the gifts she received

Celebrities like Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Namubiru, Sheebah Karungi, Irene Ntale, Winnie Nwagi, Cindy Sanyu, Judithiana, King Saha and Lydia Jasmine among others avoided the ‘L’ word mention on their pages.

“This is to you my valentine… Side Chick things,” the ‘Matala’ singer as seen posting a few days before Valentine’s Day.

Winnie Nwagi

For Ntale she confessed that she was single for just that one day (Valentine’s Day) so anyone could take their shot at her.

Irene Ntale said she was Single just for Valentine’s Day

“I Need flowers for Valentines …Any Volunteers?!” wrote Jazmine a few days to Valentine’s Day.

Lydia Jazmine spent the day performing … we guess she never got a valentine volunteer like she had requested

Unfortunately when it came down to the lonely ones, it was ironically the female artists who made the list longer. It was a clear demonstration that they are actually very single and available so you can quit ‘tying’ them on particular men.

The jilted lovers were media personality Mc Kats and his baby mama Fille Mutoni.
The two have been at war for some time now and the climax was on Valentine’s Day where Kats attacked Fille who was performing and embarrassed himself on stage.

“I found this artist with nothing but only oxygen, I made her what she is,” the estranged Kats exclaimed in front of a crowd as Fille walked away.

Mc Kats and Fille

The famous singing couple, Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo who are said to be living together, never came out for any PDA or love message to each other as they always do during their daughter’s birthday. We do not know if we can place them among the lonely or the depressed.

Eddy Kenzo with Rema
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