UYD Protest Against Grabbing of Public Land

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) youth wing, no rx http://clintonhouse.com/wp-includes/registration.php the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) have Tuesday held processions in Kampala City demonstrating against what they called continuous grabbing of government land in the country.

The youths, carrying placards with different pieces of public land that is under question; moved around the city planting sign posts with words that the land is not for sale.

The youth led by their leaders Christopher Okidi and Paul Ssembajjwe vowed to hold a series of activities countrywide with a view of fighting for all public land that is threatened by grabbers.

Okidi noted that a lot of public land has been grabbed in the pretext of growth of private sector to employ the youth which has turned out not to be the case.

Some of the plots in question include; Makerere Land, Nakivubo Market and War Memorial Stadium, UBC Land, MUBS Nakawa, Namulonge Research Institute, Former CMI Land, CPS Land and all police land in Kampala.

“Even Rwakitura where Museveni’s country home is now located, was once a gazetted forest reserve, we ask parliament to ask him to make public the details of the transaction of how he acquired it,” Okidi noted.

The youths also called upon Parliament to block the proposal for government to acquire idle private land for developmental purposes.

“Developmentalism as a planning ideology only comes when the state wants to oust the resource sovereignty of the people and temper with the sacrosanctity of property rights which is a fundamental right under Article 26 of our constitution.”


“This is how the aborigines, the Batwa, the Endoroisi in Kenya have been dispossessed of their land under the same pretext of development.”

“We urge parliament to advise government to instead empower citizens’ capacity to productively engage their land through investments in agricultural projects and by giving them tax subsidies and not to victimize the victims in any case all this is the result of government mismanagement of the economy that makes peoples’ capacity to utilize their land rather difficult.”

UYD also recommended for a moratorium to be placed on public land giveaway until audits and a clear policy of public interest equity is considered.

“Government should audit and revise the proceedings on sale of these lands, audit and match the expectations and the results of the policy specifically finding out how many jobs those given these public lands have created.”

“Government should revise and redesign the policy of public land giveaways with consideration of employment and welfare of the youth. For example the use the land to construct office complexes were career beginners like youth can get office at a subdised cost.”

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