UWONET: The Marriage and Divorce Bill Should Be Quickly Enacted

As women continue to mark and commemorate the 3rd Women week, no rx the Uganda Women Network (UWONET) has called upon government and Parliament in particular to quickly retable the Marriage and Divorce Bill which has kept on dragging since 2009.

UWONET Executive Director, Ritah Aciro told the media that the bill is needed to address several challenges in marriage which are greatly affecting the country’s economy.

Aciro said that it’s quite unfortunate that the bill is being blocked basing on individual sentiments without first critically analyzing its advantages on a wider scope.

“We all know that the Marriage and Divorce Bill is proposed to regulate family practices but unfortunately everybody looks at this bill in their own individual capacity considering how the bill might affect themselves as individuals unlike others bills that go to Parliament where people don’t feel so much attached to,” Aciro noted.

“Everybody looks at how the bill is going to affect me, my land and my property which has made building consensus around the issue very challenging and that’s why this bill has dragged. “

Aciro said that having learnt a lot of lessons along the way being at the fore front of advocacy, they have recommended that all Ugandans need to give the bill the Human rights face.

“Does it meet the standards of human rights protection and do we have laws that give a frame work to such a law in place.”

“If Uganda has ascended to and ratified regional and international conventions that say that we must have a family law or a marriage law that also provides for a divorce, then Uganda has a responsibility that we must not run away from unless we want to become an island in this global world.”


“We will look at engaging those that have been against the bill and what their cause is and the alternatives they are putting at the table instead of delaying the bill.”

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