UWA, UWEC Rescue Baboon in Kiryandongo

The Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre have rescued a baboon from Karuma town council, Kiryandongo district.

Eric Ntalo the Public Relations officer of UWEC says they picked the baboon from the edge of Grand Kew Garden Murchison Falls National Park with the help of UWA and a team from Paradise Wildlife Park.

The baboon that was rescued was relocated to Ayago about 30km from Karuma town.

“The veterinary doctors darted the dominant male baboon with the intention of destabilizing the social dynamism of the troop that has been invading gardens and people’s shops. We want them to move further into the protected area” he said.

Baboons are very popular in almost all Ugandan National Parks. They like sitting near the road side and sometimes drivers find them in the middle of the road.

They are also one of the leading causes of the Human Wildlife conflict in Uganda.

“We continue to sensitize the locals, more so hawkers in Karuma town council to keep rubbish secure in a baboon proof dustbins and practice good waste management” Ntalo says.

This was the first rescue and relocation exercise by the team using the recently obtained animal ambulance donated by Paradise Wildlife Park.



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