UWA Successfully Reintroduces Giraffes to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

The Uganda Wildlife Authority on Monday night released the first batch of five Rothschild giraffes into Pian Upe Wildlife reserve as part of the reintroduction exercise that will see a total of 15 giraffes, 5 males and 10 females into the reserve.

The Giraffes were translocated from Murchison falls National Park.

Dr Panta Kasome, who represented the Chairman Board of Trustees said that the re-introduction of Giraffes in Pian Upe WildLife Reserve is in line with UWA’s strategic objectives among which is the reintroduction of extinct species.

“This exercise addresses one of our key conservation objectives of restoring and managing viable populations of extinct or endangered species. We are happy to have Giraffes now in Pian Upe after very many years and we hope this will further enhance tourism in the reserve” he said.

Last year, UWA translocated 92 Impalas into the reserve and also recorded a success.

Dr Kasoma also pointed out that UWA’s efforts to protect the wildlife in the reserves has also resulted to increase in numbers of Roan Antelope, Elands, Zebras, Hartebeest and Cheetahs.

The three-week translocation exercise is expected to enhance the long term survival of species restore natural biodiversity and long term economic benefits to entire wildlife conservation value chain

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