UWA Secures National Park After Death Death of 11 Lions 

The Uganda Wild Life Authority has today come out to clarify on the death of lions which were poisoned in Queen Elizabeth National Park by locals.

On Wednesday 11th April, a pride of 11 lions – 8 cubs and three lionesses — were found killed by poison near Hamukungu fishing village.

Sam Mwandha, the Executive Director UWA told reporters today that so far four suspects have been apprehended and detained at Katwe police station.

“The four suspects were later released on bond and they are waiting for the conclusion of the investigations” he said.

Mwandha said the authority is continuing with investigations and interacting with community members.

“The community leaders and the locals have expressed their views on the unfortunate incident and pledged to continue supporting wild life conservation,” he said.

Mwandha UWA has at the moment has deployed rangers in that area to ensure that no such incident occurs again.

“We have also intensified our sensitization and awareness on the importance of conservation and working on strategies on which communities can play a more important role that they have been doing before.”


Meanwhile, UWA confirmed that another lion was recently found dead in Queen Elizabeth National Park, but this is suspected to have been suffocated to death by a hippo.

Uganda has a lion population of approximately 400, 130 of these in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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