UWA Rescue Nile Crocodile, Python from Residents

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has rescued one Nile Crocodile and a massive python which faced danger after invading villages in Nakasongola district.


The Nile Crocodile, measuring about 3.8 meters and weighing over 700 kilograms was rescued from Ninga village Nakasongola.

The rescued Nile Crocodile


The Python on the other hand was rescued from Kanyasi Barracks.


The two animals were rescued by the Murchison Falls National Park problem animal management team.



According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the two animals will be relocated to safe spaces in the National Parks.


“The Crocodile will be immediately relocated to a new home in Karuma and the huge Python will be relocated to Semuliki Wildlife Reserve”.


Government recently stepped up efforts to encourage Ugandans, mostly those living around parks to desist from harming stray animals.


The Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities Hon Ephraim Kamuntu once passed a warning to all those that kill wild animals saying they will be punished severely.


“All wild animals are protected by the state whether in the National Parks, Game reserves, Zoos or your homes as long as it’s a wild animal its protected by the state” He said.


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