Otunnu Misses Court Case

A famous Idiom goes, medications “It’s easier said than done.” It normally surfaces when the subject is one that will talk and talk, approved until time comes to walk the talk.

Today’s subject is none other than top rated journalist Andrew Mwenda, who recently found his way back at the Namuwongo based KFM.

Now, last evening while he hosted the KFM “Hot Seat” Friday Panel of Journalists,’ Mwenda’s talk was put to test by none other than his own buddy Timothy Kalyegira.

He ducked from a bet with a mulish Tim, and somehow understandably so, because it was his classy BMW car at stake.

Kampala Express reports that on the panel, Andrew kept posturing about ancient Greek philosopher Socrates and other Greek thinkers of the golden age of western European antiquity.

He was narrating to fellow panelists Onapito Ekomoloit, Kwezi Tabaro, Charles Odongtho, Timothy Kalyegira and Ivan Rugambwa how one Greek philosopher explained that wisdom is more important than all the material things one can own and that wisdom outlives our mortal lives.

After the show, Mwenda carried on with his expansive discussion about the Greek philosophers until Timothy Kalyegira offered to exchange his collection of philosophy books for Mwenda’s BMW car which was parked nearby.

Apparently at this point Mwenda’s philosophical discourse appeared to come to an end.

Buganda road Grade one Joan Aciro magistrate Friday adjourned to March 17, seek the hearing of a case where Opposition UPC President Dr. Olara Otunnu is accused of defaming president Museveni in one of the party weekly conferences.


Otunnu’s lawyer Asuman Basalirwa asked for a short adjournment with the reason that his client couldn’t make it to court because he is in Kitgum district, approved preparing the memorial service of Archbishop Janani Luwum on the request of Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda.

Otunnu is expected in court without fail on March 17, viagra decreed the magistrate.

It is alleged that on 16th January 2013, during his weekly news conference at Uganda House, Otunnu attacked president Museveni’s regime referring to it as one full of political assassinations

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