UTIs Have Ravaged Female Students Due to Dirty Facilities – Makerere Vice Guild President

Makerere University vice guild president Judith Nalukwago has blamed University authorities for doing little to improve standards of living in spite of a 15% tuition increment in the 2018/19 academic year.

Addressing the press at Speke hotel in Kampala, Nalukwago said while students were promised elevated cleanliness at halls of residence, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) remain a constant challenge for many female students due to poor hygiene.

“You can go to the records of the university hospital. The most recorded thing is UTIs among female students because of the halls of residence where we are living”, she said.

Makerere university students yesterday erupted in a violent strike, halting business in and around the campus.

The students were protesting among others a 15% fees hike on first year students by the university.

Several students and student leaders were arrested as Police and the Military used teargas to quell the situation.

Ms Nalukwago says the fees hike is not only inhumane, but also the manner of its enforcement.

She says the university has been publishing names of defaulting students ,something she says was shameful.


Meanwhile, she said the student protests will carry on unless the arrested students are released and those expelled recalled.

“Some of them were arrested and taken to police cells, some we don’t know their whereabouts. They should be released and brought back to campus”.

Our efforts to reach Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe the vice chancellor and head of communications, Dr. Muhammad Kiggundu were futile.

However, in a brief statement earlier today , Makerere university attributed the protests to internal student politicking.

“For two days, a group of Mak students has been leading mini demonstrations on campus, claiming they are protesting against non-existent fees increment. Apparently strategizing and positioning themselves for the next Guild elections,” teh statement read.

“Management wishes to warn all those errant students that a return to hooliganism at Makerere will not be tolerated and they should concentrate on their studies. Management wishes to inform the public that there has been no increment in fees for any student at Makerere”

“Every student joins the University with a Fees structure and continues with that Fees structure until they complete. The Management thus wishes to state it clearly that there has been no fees increment at Makerere University this Academic Year.”


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