Use Simple Irrigation to Water Your Crops, Museveni Urges

President Yoweri Museveni has advised the people of Uganda and in particular those of Bukomansimbia District in Central Region to employ the simple method of irrigation using drip water bottles, discount among others, case in order to provide water to their crops such as coffee and tea among others during the long dry season that might lead to drought in the coming year.

Museveni asked the residents of Bukomansimbi district to identify for him some piece of land in their area on which to set up a demonstration model of using the simple irrigation method.

The President was yesterday speaking at the introduction ceremony of Hon. Ruth Katushabe and Hajji Brahim Matovu at Katooke village in Bigasa Sub-County in Bukomansimbi district. Hon. Ruth Katushabe is Member of Parliament for Bukomansimbi North Constituency while Hajji Brahim Matovu is a businessman in Kampala.

He commended Hon. Ruth Katushabe for studying diligently up to university.

“I thank her for studying well from primary to university level. She is a good orator. She worked at the Uganda Media Centre until when she told me that she wanted to redeem Bukomansimbi through Parliament, more about ” he said.

Museveni thanked the parents of Hon. Ruth Katushabe, Mr. James Lubega and Mrs. Lubega, for bringing their daughter to him for support from primary two up to university level. He congratulated Hajji Brahim Matovu upon marrying Hon. Ruth Katushabe saying she is a hardworking and a focused woman. He advised him to take good care of her

President Museveni also thanked the people of Bukomansimbi North Constituency for voting Hon. Ruth Katushabe and assured them that she will ably articulate all the issues that affect them. He said that government will build a bridge connecting the districts of Sembambule and Bukomansimbi. He also assured them of good roads after the arrival in the country of the road equipment that the Government of Uganda has purchased from Japan.

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