Use E-learning to Promote Local Talent Retention – Experts Advise

According to education specialists from Unicaf University project in Uganda, e-learning presents an opportunity for Uganda to retain local talent given the limited need for travel to access standard global education services in an e-learning environment, thus predicting an increase in steady and speedy growth of the economy.

Speaking at a brief awards ceremony held at the Unicaf University Project head office in Ntinda in recognition of the winners of the Project’s essay competition on the topic ‘Is online learning the future of education?recently, the Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Fredrick Ntale Kisekka said the e-learning concept involves  a massive change in culture which has been engraved in Ugandans over a long period of time and for it to be a success, will require a targeted approach starting with the lowest levels of education.

“With technical advancement, online learning will soon become mandatory. The pandemic has presented an opportunity for Uganda’s education culture to shift to global learning standards at a much faster pace than previously anticipated, especially seeing as the platforms are being introduced to children at an early stage that definitely creates an edge for this generation,” said Ntale .

“This makes it easy for them and their parents or guardians to realise that they too can receive first class education without necessarily having to incur the high costs of travel and staying abroad which previously has seen Uganda lose local talent to foreign countries, impacting on the development and growth progress of the country.” he added.

“However, as we all know, we still have quite a number of challenges such as expensive and slow internet bandwidths coupled with limited access to technology by especially, the population in the rural areas.”

Unicaf is contributing to the e-learning journey through our robust tried and tested Virtual Learning Environment platform that will allow for learning continuity despite the pandemic.

The platform is available through any mobile or desktop device, enables access to study materials 24/7, regular contact with tutors, access to extensive e-libraries, and networking with students and professionals in different countries.”

The first prize winner, Nyakake Lynn Gloria, who received a full scholarship for a Master’s Degree of her choice through Unicaf University Project and a $300 cash prize thanked the Project facilitators for providing an opportunity for Ugandans to access first class higher learning through scholarships and urged fellow citizens to invest in such opportunities in order to be able to compete favourably on a global scale.


The competition attracted hundreds of participants out of which, three Ugandans; 25-year-old Nyakake Lynn Gloria, Kansiime Mukama Taremwa, 26 and Lokoro Marino, 30 emerged as winners of 100%, 80% and 75% Masters Scholarships respectively and a total cash prize of $500 between the first and second winners of the essay competition.

The three winners will undertake their Masters programme of choice with Unicaf University, an independent Pan-African Multi-Campus Institution, through online delivery.

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