US, UK, Norway Blame Sudan Military Council for Attack on Protesters

The governments of United States, United Kingdom and Norway have jointly blamed the Sudan Transitional Military Council for the bloody Monday attack on protesters in capital Khartoum.

The three nations, jointly known as Torika, in a combined statement released on Tuesday evening expressly stated that the Military Council ordered the armed violence on the sit-in site in front of the army headquarters.

“The Troika condemns the violent attacks in Sudan on June 3, which resulted in the killing and injuring of many peaceful civilian protesters. By ordering these attacks, the Transitional Military Council has put the transition process and peace in Sudan in jeopardy,” said part of the statement.

The Military Council, which described the 35 slain protesters as martyrs, has adamantly refused to take responsibility of the attack.

The members of Rapid Support Force (RSF), formerly Janjaweed, were seen being delivered on the ground by the military pickup trucks before descending on the demonstrators with live bullets.

The opposition coalition has asserted that even the SAF (Sudan Armed Forces) and police participated in the attack. Sudan Attorney General Maulana Al-Walid Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud said on Monday evening that a body has been established to investigate the event.

Torika has also called for the transfer of power to civilian authority as demanded by the African Union.

“We call for an agreed transfer of power to a civilian-led government as demanded by the people of Sudan. We welcome the statement of the Chairperson of the African Union (AU) and support the important role of the AU in solving the crisis in Sudan, including its demand for an immediate handover to a civilian-led government,” added the statement.


The head of Transitional Military Council, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan announced on Tuesday that the army is going to relinquish power to a caretaker government, expected to organize elections in 9 months.



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