US, UK Ask Kiir to Reject Government Term Extension by Parliament

The United States, United Kingdom and Norway have appealed to South Sudan President Salva Kiir to reject his country’s national assembly passed resolution to extend government term by 3 years.

The three western nations jointly known as Torika, and also by far South Sudan’s biggest humanitarian donors, on Friday issued a statement saying the Thursday’s Transitional National Assembly action is a one-sided decision and illegitimate.

The Torika are deeply concerned by the South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly’s passage of a Bill to unilaterally extend the transitional government’s term, and calls on President Kiir to reject it,” part of the statement said.

Washington, London and Oslo reflect the move as a threat to peace at the time when negotiations are taking place in Khartoum and Entebbe.

“This move will not lead to lasting peace and we do not consider this as a legitimate step. The vote on July 12th undermines the ongoing peace talks with opposition groups and civil society,” they noted.

The Torika want South Sudan political players to first focus on formation of inclusive unity government to usher the fragile nation to a general election.

“The South Sudanese authorities should urgently focus on negotiating an inclusive transitional governing arrangement that will lead to free and fair elections and new leadership in the most expeditious and responsible manner possible.”

The Transitional National Legislature on Thursday passed the Bill to amend the Transitional Constitution of 2011, which gives the elected government only four years term, to allow President Salva Kiir, the current Members of Parliament and Governors to rule until 2021.


The armed opposition group of Dr. Riek Machar swiftly opposed the move and called on the international community not to recognize the move.




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