US Still Interested in Africa Despite Trump’s Nationalistic Policies, Says Amb. Deborah Malac

Despite United States president Donald Trump’s so called “America First” policies, US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac has come out to reassure that her country remains interested in the economic success of Africa.

The Ambassador also stressed that the US is still interested in the political operations of African nations and proper treatment of their citizens.

Mrs Malac’s comments were prompted by former Makerere University researcher Dr Frederick Golooba-Mutebi who suggested during the Kampala Geopolitics Conference yesterday, that the US under President Trump was no longer invested in the intricate operations of especially African countries.

Dr Golooba said he was happy that Trump decided not to meddle in African affairs like his predecessors.

This, he pointed out allowed African countries freedom to navigate their own course without being lectured on what to do.

“Interest in Africa by outsiders has never been a good thing for us generally speaking. And to see a president of the United States who won’t lecture Africans on democracy about anything is a bloody good thing,” Golooba said.

In rebuttal however, Ambassador Malac affirmed that US interests in Africa are not premised on exploitative grounds but rather on development aspects.

“In fact what we aspire to see is a continent where you have countries that are economically developed, providing opportunity for their citizens and then we can just have a regular simple bi-lateral relationship based on mutual interests of shared values and shared interests” she said.


However, Malac pointed out that there is a need to provide assistance or support in areas where governments cannot afford to provide social services due to financial constraints.

Ever since Donald Trump, assumed office in January 2016, his unconventional ways in dealing with geopolitical matters has raised eyebrows in diplomatic circles with some suggesting he is ‘unfit’ for presidency.

Expressing displeasure over Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s assault on Kurdish strongholds in Syria early this month, Trump urged his counterpart to refrain from this catastrophic misdeed urging him ‘not to be a fool’.


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