US Concerned Sudan Might Revert to Civil Conflict

United States has expressed fear that the recent gains made in Sudan might degenerate and result to civil unrest if the root causes are not comprehensively addressed.

The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Kelly Craft told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday that the peace agreement signed between the Sudan transitional government and the rebel groups in the neighbouring South Sudan capital Juba had set a foundation for peace.

“Sudan’s transitional government and opposition groups had just signed an ambitious agreement in Juba. That agreement set the groundwork for long-term peace, justice, and stability for those who, for far too long, have endured atrocities and cycles of violence and atrocities,” said Ambassador Craft.

She noted that the Juba accord is threatened by the yet to be addressed root causes.

“However, we (US) remain deeply concerned about the situation on the ground. As the Secretary-General detailed in his most recent report, spikes in civil unrest, insecurity in Darfur, and ongoing ethnic and tribal clashes in East Sudan signal a difficult path forward,” said Craft.

Adding: “Failure to address the root causes of conflict could upend the Juba Agreement and reverse recent progress.”

Washington is however confident that the plans put in place by the transitional government to detect and resolve conflicts are positive steps for peace.

“One step in the right direction is the Sudanese government’s National Plan for Civilian Protection. The United States is particularly encouraged by the plan’s outline for developing an early warning system and devising specific nomadic routes,” she said.


Ambassador Craft recognized the constraints the Sudan transitional government is overcoming in implementing the peace process.

“However, we recognize the limitations the transitional government faces in trying to implement the plan. As they proceed, we encourage the transitional government to engage in robust outreach, transparent information-sharing, and consultations with affected communities,” she said.

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