South Sudan

US Ambassador: South Sudan Unity Government Divorced

The United States Ambassador to South Sudan, cheap Mary Catherine Phee has said the Transitional Government of National Unity is no longer a single administration for the interest of its citizens.

Speaking during the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee meeting on Thursday in Juba, patient Ms. Phee categorically stated that the articles of the peace agreement signed in August last year have been abrogated by both sides since the outbreak of war in July this year.

“The events of July and the subsequent deterioration in the country triggered by the fighting is deeply distressing to old friends of South Sudan like the United States. The Transitional Government of National Unity is no longer fully representative, ” she said.

The ambassador questioned why her country which is the biggest donor country giving South Sudan $1.7bn annually in aid support, is still continuing with the assistance when the peace accord has fallen apart.

“I will tell you frankly that we have seriously questioned continued U.S. diplomatic and financial support for the peace agreement. Both sides have abandoned the permanent ceasefire and continue to fight today.”

The US, Norway and the United Kingdom jointly known as Torika nations are the three most significant donors who sponsored the peace agreement that put in place the unity government.

The Transitional Government of National Unity however operated for only two months and in July this year serious clashes that started from the presidential palace killing 300 elite guards of President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, sparked off the current wave of conflict.

Ambassador Phee however appealed to both sides to return to political process and forget about the guns.


“Peace agreement is a place for them to gather and begin the difficult and lengthy process of finding their way back to the principle of conducting the contest for political power through a political process, rather than through the barrel of a gun.”

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