US Ambassador DeLisi Irked By Uganda Visa Seekers


United States Ambassador to Uganda HE Scott DeLisi could not hold back his frustration recently; over the overwhelming number of Ugandans accosting him with requests for job openings in the US.

On a daily basis,  dozens of Ugandans approach the Nsambya based embassy offices; with letters, emails, and physical visits is search for visas, jobs, scholarships, green cards and job opportunities in the USA, he says.

Most frustrating to Mr Scott, is the fact that almost every interaction he tries to establish with especially Uganda youths, all that comes out is a barrage of job requests.

Even as he tries to address other pertinent issues on his regular interactive sessions on social media, majority of the responses are job related questions.

“I try to respond to the posts on the page but it is a ceaseless litany of requests for jobs, visa, scholarships, or assistance,” noted a disgruntled Scott.

This he says is in spite of his ceaseless insistence that the interactive sessions are strictly for discussion of issues “and NOT about individuals seeking to address their personal agenda”

The ambassador also directed the embassy’s page managers to remove all such requests from the page.  He noted, “Most of our friends here do not come here to read that. Please respect the purpose of the page.”

Meanwhile, while speaking at a recent youth resource camp for Muslim youths in Kampala, the ambassador stressed that it was high time that Ugandan youths realized and started carrying their burden, as future leaders of the nation.

“In Uganda, you [the youths] represent over 80 percent of the population. Four out of every five people in Uganda are under the age of 30, and one half of the people of Uganda are under the age of 15!,” he noted.

“In short, you ARE the country. You ARE the continent. You have both the potential and the responsibility to drive positive change in your communities. The question is: Will you take your responsibility seriously?”

“Do not wait for donors, governments, or anyone else to come and chart your future for you. Know that the future is yours to shape. Lead the way now.”

Youth Leadership Camp, run by the Ugandan Muslim Youth Development Forum was organized by a one Ahmed Hadji, with the aim of informing, equipping, motivating, and re-energizing Muslim youth to participate actively in developing their countries in ways that reflect those values.

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