URA Boss Rujoki Determined to Improve Tax Collection By 26%

The Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Johnson Musinguzi Rujoki has said that he is working towards improving tax collection by 26% of Uganda’s Gross Domestic Product.

Mr Rujoki revealed this to the Authority’s newly appointed 260 staff who are set to start work on October 1 this year.

In his address at the National Leadership Institute where they have been undergoing a two months induction training, he said that he believes the new team can cause a fundamental change in revenue collection.

“We are now collecting 13% of our GDP, the continent average is 17%. Why can’t we turn that around and collect 26%? For me, that’s my target,” he said.

“I have been given targets but at the back of my mind, I will be happy when I leave URA collecting at least 26% of our GDP,” he added.

According to Rujoki, the taxes that are collected by URA are beyond that percentage but there is wastage and spillage and other sorts of leakages which will be improved upon.

He said that the new team has a unique ability to put a mark on URA and as such, they should work hard to be remembered for having turned around the country’s fortunes and the reputation of the tax body.

“As the saying goes, that the commander can always be good as the forces he commands. I am banking on you so help me uphold the reputation of integrity,” he told them.


Rujoki cautioned the staff against corruption tendencies saying that URA, under his leadership, is promoting three areas of human resource that is integrity, technical skills and patriotism.

“As the Bible says, for those who have been given too much, there’s too much expected from them. If there will be any error after this investment in training, please understand when we don’t treat you lightly. I hope you will guard this jealously so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law,” he warned.

He also lauded the team he found at the tax body, saying that they have performed better since he was appointed to lead the agency.

For the past two months, Rujoki said, URA has been exceeding its target by 30%, which indicates  progress.


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