URA Accused of Caning Money Changers at Katuna Border

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)’s enforcement team in Kabale District has been accused of harassment and assaulting workers on the Uganda-Rwanda border town of   Katuna.

Money Changers in the border town, unhealthy under their umbrella body, thumb Katuna Money Changers Association claim that they are harassed and caned by URA law enforcement officers whenever they are operating their business of money changing.

William Asiimwe, this the chairperson for the association says that money changers are planning to hold a peaceful demonstration demanding for the transfer of all URA officials at Katuna Boarder post, who he says inhumanly treat them.

Asiimwe wonders why URA law enforcement officers harass money changers yet they   pay taxes like other business people.

He adds that when they complain to their bosses at the border offices they always keep deaf ear.

The group pinned one of the notorious law enforcement officers only identified as Bashir, who canes them.

Nelson Nshangabasheija, the Katuna Town Council Chairperson when contacted, confirmed that his office has received several complaints about URA law enforcement officers harassing and beating money changers.

Nshangabasheija condemned the practice saying that it must stop and be substituted with another alternative punishment like a fine in case of any problem.


David Kirambaire, the head of Uganda Revenue Authority at Katuna Customs apologized to the affected money changers but said that his office has not received any complaint from money changers about harassment.

He promised to investigate the matter for an immediate solution, adding that some money changers have a habit of operating in places that are not gazzatted for them.


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