UPDF Starts Recruitment Of 3000 Foot Solders

Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) has opened up this year’s recruitment exercise of 3000 foot soldiers to expand and consolidate national security and that of the region.

The exercise according to Army Spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda will run from 12th to 26th this month.

“We would like to recruit only,  and only Ugandan citizens,  between 18 and 25 years, medically fit, and with  minimum of an O’ Level certificate,” said Ankunda while addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala on Tuesday.

Those with interest were advised to come with letters of introduction from the LC1 Chairperson, LC II and LC III, as well as Gombolola Internal Security Officers [GISOs].

The recruitment Ankunda said is being arranged on quota basis, based on the population size of each district in the country.

After the exercise, the recruits will undergo the standard nine months training which the army spokesperson believes is adequate enough to prepare them for combat.

The army last year came under confrontation from parliament, with concerns of irregularities that allegedly marred the 2013 recruitment exercise.

The army was accused of unfairly leaving out many people who turned up, on suck grounds as incomplete dental formula, ill health, and forgery.

Paddy Ankunda however stressed today that only those in good health will be taken up for the task of protecting the nation.

“We want people who are capable of this service. We have had cases of people lying to us about their age and education qualifications, but we are very careful and we will be able to discern them.

At the end of this exercise, the army will commence a fresh recruitment of professional medical staff, which will include lab attendants, nurses and doctors.

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