UPDF Soldier Gets 5 Years in Jail for Defrauding Church Leaders

The CMI Unit Disciplinary Committee (UDC) has sentenced UPDF soldier Pte. Stephen Kalulu to five years in jail after convicting him of obtaining money by false pretence.

Kalulu is said to have obtained Shs 40M from one Rev Fr Kawanguzi Emmanuel and Rev Father Isanga Joseph Baligeya after deceiving the dual that he works with State House and has connections with the President.

Court heard that the suspect promised to help his victims by bringing the President to Kamuli Mission Hospital and encourage him to renovate the same.

Kalulu further promised to provide the facility with water tanks from UPDF.

The priests who had land issues with neighbours of the hospital land confided in the soldier who promised them that the president would fence their land.

While reading the judgement, the chairman CMI UDC Col. Tom Kabuye said the army could not condone this kind of indiscipline and impunity especially from its own.

After overwhelming evidence was presented, Prosecution led by Lt Chris Tumusime asked court that the convict be sentenced to a maximum sentence as a deterrent measure to all those who may commit similar offences.

He added that involving State House and the institution of the Army was a grave offence that required a heavy punishment.


Pte Kalulu before being sentenced asked court to give him a lenient sentence on grounds that is the sole bread winner of a big family comprising of five children.

He went ahead and asked Court to  consider the time he has been on remand for nine months and that he is also sick and asked the Reverend Fathers to forgive him and pray for him.

After listening to both sides, court sentenced the convict to Five years in prison.

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