UPDF Seeks Shs1Trillion to Retire Military Chiefs

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the youth to reject the ideology of those who are out to bring division and hatred in the country.

Instead, doctor the President asked young people to take advantage of the opportunities the government has made available to them.

He said the Government has started programmes that will enable youth grow and mature into useful citizens.

The Head of State urged the youth to embrace unity, try integrity, patriotism and passion in all their undertakings.

President Kenyatta spoke Friday during the pass-out parade for 10,736 recruits at the National Youth Service College in Gilgil, Nakuru County.

He also challenged youth, who are growing up in a fast-changing world, to rise and take charge of their destiny and that of the nation.

“Kenya will become truly great when its young people exemplify our best attributes: Perseverance, loyalty, selflessness, unity and solidarity,” the President said.

He called on the younger generation to focus on the opportunities given to them. “No one should be barred from their chance at progress for any reason.  No one is too poor, too disabled, too young or too marginalized to be a Kenyan,” he said.


The President told youth to reach out to their MCAs, MPs, Governors and every relevant department in government to ensure that they get all the help they needed.

President Kenyatta affirmed Government’s commitment to empowering the youth with skills and knowledge that enable them participate in transformative economic activities.

“We want to change our challenge from looking for applicants into catering for all the applicants.  This is your country and these are your opportunities.  Use them wisely and make your mark,” he added.

Describing youth as a major pillar of national transformation, President Kenyatta said his Government facilitates the potential in young people to change the country.

Devolution CS Anne Waiguru told youth to be the change agents in the younger generation. In attendance was China’s Ambassador to Kenya Liu Zianfa.
The Uganda People’s Defense Force leadership under the line Ministry of Defence has asked for a staggering Shs 1trillion to retire top military officers including Gen David Sejusa who have clocked the retirement age.

The Minister of Defence, drugs Dr. Crispus Kiyonga told Members of Parliament that “there are many senior and junior UPDF officers who have for long reached their retirement age and fulfilled all requirements but because of lack of funds, viagra order they are still active in the service.”

Dr. Kiyonga was questioned by the Parliament’s committee of Defence and Internal Affairs on why they were delaying to retire Gen. Sejusa who has voluntarily asked to be retired and has clocked retirement age.

The same committee made a recommendation last year when passing the Defense budget of 2014/2015 that a clear policy and plan for retirement should be instituted to facilitate retirement of soldiers.

However, price the Defence Ministry returned today without headway on the retirement recommendation until they were asked about steps taken to let aged soldiers leave the army.

“Indeed we were supposed to put in place a mechanism to retire our officers who have been waiting for years but the only constraint is money. We now need at least one trillion shillings to retire all who deserve to be retired. The recommendation was made here but without funds to back it,” Dr. Kiyonga said.

He however added that this Financial Year UPDF will let go of UPDF officers in two phases with the first one taking place in March at Shs 33.6bn.

“This Financial Year, we are retiring some soldiers in two phases. The cost of this exercise is Shs 33.6bn. The first batch of 508 soldiers was retired at the end of March 2015 and payments made. The second phase is expected to be discharged at the end of May 2015. The ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development has availed the funds required for processing their benefits,” added Kiyonga.

The Joint Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Wilson Mbadi who also attended the meeting told the MPs that the UPDF has a retirement policy backed by the UPDF Act which is progressively being implemented.

He said the Act provides for different categories of leaving the army including dismissal, resignation, discharge and medical.

The regulations provide the maximum ages of retirement per rank.

Full star generals like Sejusa can be retired at 65 years of age, Lieutenant Generals at 60, Major Generals 58, Brigadier Generals 55, Colonels 51, Lieutenant Colonels 47, Majors and Captains at 40 years; Lieutenants and Second Lieutenants at 40 years.

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