UPDF Recovers 88 Guns, Arrests 146 Rustlers in Karamoja

In a bid to stamp out cattle rustling and gun violence in Northern Uganda, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) have carried out operations in which several guns were recovered and suspects arrested and charged.

This was disclosed by deputy defence spokesperson Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki in a security briefing held in Kampala on Monday.

The rise in the violent crime had deteriorated security in the districts such as Moroto, Abim, Nakapiripirit, Kabong and Kotido where several lives and property have been lost due to continuous clashes and raids.

Lt. Col Akiiki said that the security threat situation in Karamoja that had arose has now been calmed down with the different measures that were put in place by the military.

“From January to April, we had intensified cattle raiding activities especially with the Turkana and Karamajong communities such as Giye, Bokora and Matheniko that cross border cattle raiding was resuming,” he said

Adding that “Intelligence led operations were planned and carried out and as we talk today, such operations have been going on and there is significant improvement.”

Since the operations started, he revealed that UPDF have recovered 88 Guns, 367 rounds of ammunition and 3104 animals have also been recovered.

Most notably, the army has also been able to apprehend at least 146 suspects involved in the violent cross border crime. The arrested are rustlers from both Uganda and Turkana community from Kenya.


“We are working out modalities to ensure that whether they’re from the other side or our side, they can face the law,” Lt Col Akiki added

Relatedly, Lt. Col Akiki also highlighted on other military operations taking place the Karamoja region such as the operation against the dessert locusts.

He said that despite the disarmament of rustlers, the desert locust team led by Gen. Sam Kavuma have sprayed the latest swam of locusts that had crossed into the region which was threatening the food security of the locals.


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