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UPDF Officer Shot While Robbing From Church

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) President, viagra buy Norbert Mao has dismissed allegations that his recent meeting with the former Chief of Intelligence Gen. David Sejusa was aimed at sweet talking the former to join DP.

An angry Mao noted, visit this site “I wonder how Ugandans think, do Christians only have to meet Muslims with the aim of one getting converted to another religion, or if I meet the king of Buganda (Kabaka) does that guarantee that am to become a Muganda.”

Mao noted that their meeting with Sejusa over the weekend was for the purpose of “mutual briefing.”

“I thought it important for a leader who has been out of the country to understand our agenda and what we are doing as the opposition as well as us understanding what he was doing in the UK,” Mao said.

Mao added that people can meet and discuss certain areas of interest while disagreeing on several other issues.

“I want to categorically state that I will be meeting regularly with Sejusa. But also I am in talks with all those members that are abandoning president Museveni’s camp.”

“These include among others; the former Kampala mayor, Hajji Nasser Ssebagala, Gen. David Sejusa and Gilbert Bukenya.”

His meeting with Gen Sejusa was much to the surprise of many political observers especially that it came only weeks after he made scathing remarks about the former spymaster upon his return from exile.


While addressing media at his party headquarters in December last year, Mao cautioned all Ugandans planning to cooperate with Sejusa, to bear in mind that he was still a government agent.

He warned that Sejusa was not to be trusted and had no compassion for any member on the opposition side.

“He oversaw very terrible operations in western Uganda that left folks there crying. He swore that he would never salute Dr Kawanga Semwogerere if he ever became president. He commanded operations to arrest Betty Nambooze, Medard Seggona, Charles Peter Mayiga, and other politicians,” recalled Mao.

But in today address, the DP president stressed that the question of trusting Sejusa and other defectors should not arise. He noted that the major issue should be whether they are useful in the cause of regime change that opposition is fighting to achieve.
Police over the weekend on Sunday arrested a Uganda People’s Defense Forces officer after he was caught on the premises of the Mubende catholic parish.

The officer has been identified as sergeant Bosco Atim attached to Mubende barracks.

Apparently Atim ran into guards who were on night watch at about 2:00am. When they gave a warning shot for him to stop and surrender, page he instead ran away and here he was shot in the right leg by the guards at the parish.

It is alleged that Atim broke into one of the nun’s house and stole property he had already hidden in the parish banana plantation and this included a laptop, this web a Sony flat television, ed a Samsung phone and other electronics.

When Atim was asked what he was doing at parish grounds at that time, after denying being involved in the robbery he said he was pursuing thugs that had stolen property in Kibaati zone in Mubende town council and that the guards had ruined  his cover, yet he had seen the thugs head to the parish.

An AK47 rifle was recovered and currently Atim has been taken under medical attention at Mubende hospital.

“We cannot just over look what Atim told us, we are still searching for the robbers he said he was following,” said Phillip Mukasa the Equator region police spokesperson.

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