UPDF Now Turns Guns to HIV in Schools

The UPDF First Division located in Kakiri, buy Wakiso district that is responsible for the regions of Buganda, for sale Bunyoro and parts of Busoga has kick-started a one year campaign aimed at preventing secondary school students from contracting the HIV AIDS virus.

The campaign codenamed ‘Soldiers for Life’ was launched on Friday afternoon at St. Augustine Secondary School in Wakiso.

Speaking at the function, approved the UPDF Chief Political Commissar ,Col Felix Kulayigye said  that the Ugandan army having succeeded in all missions both home and on foreign land; could not sit back as  people back home died of illnesses they could help fight.

“We (UPDF) exist for a purpose and it is useless if we go and help people from other countries like South Sudan and Somalia when our people back home are losing lives every day. It would indeed be useless for government to train, facilitate and deploy us in foreign missions when we can’t help our own brothers back home,” Col Kulayigye said.

“Many people are here dying because of indiscipline. It is high time we take our responsibility as soldiers to protect lives of Ugandans.”

Soldiers for Life is looking to protect secondary school students from HIV/AIDS
Soldiers for Life is looking to protect secondary school students from HIV/AIDS

The UPDF Chief Political Commissar revealed that the new program targets students because they are the future leaders and officers in the army, and that these ought to be healthy in order to be productive to the society.

Col Kulayigye urged students to at all times desist from engaging in things that would put their lives at risk including early sex.

The UPDF first Division commander Brig. Sam Kawagga said they realized it was high time the army spread information and sensitize students about the dangers of HIV AIDS, stressing that these are now vulnerable yet they are the future leaders.


“The army needs new recruits but these can only be admitted when they are physically and healthy wise fit. If we don’t spearhead these programs, there will be no one to replace us who are aging,” Brig. Kawagga said.

“We have been successful in Somalia, South Sudan and Liberia but this was because of the discipline we have. We need to extend this discipline to the young people so they can live longer and be able to serve the country.”

The acting Director in charge of HIV AIDS in the UPDF Capt Solomon Kandole urged students to emulate soldiers on missions by abstaining from sex which is the primary cause of the virus.


“If we can do it for months and months, why not the young people? The age group between 20 to 30 are the most affected and we must put emphasis on preventing the scourge from spreading,” Capt Kandole  noted.

“The army needs strong people to join us but we can’t look on as students who are tomorrow’s soldiers are getting infected due to the irresponsible lives. We need to get a comprehensive strategy to combat this.”

According to Capt. Yusuf Katamba, the officer in charge of voluntary counseling and testing in the UPDF first Division, the one year campaign will cost up to $140,000 and will target students in secondary schools.

He added that the army had been joined by the Kampala Archdiocese and will carry out a series of activities including testing, counseling, treatment and sensitization of the students about the dangers of HIV AIDS.

“In a bid to reduce the percentage of  the HIV AIDS scourge to zero, we shall test ,counsel and those found will the  virus will be referred to the Kampala Archdiocese hospitals  for free treatment,” Capt Katamba said.

He added this is line with President Museveni’s initiative to see Ugandans attain the middle income status in the next few years.


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