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UPDF: Museveni Yet to Issue Order on South Sudan

Detectives tracing a Lexus stolen from London have ended up tracking it to Kampala – where it was found alongside a fleet of British cars worth more than £1 million.

The £50, viagra sale 000 SUV was fitted with a state-of-the-art tracking device, see which activated as soon as it was taken from outside a property in West London.

As a result the British National Crime Agency was able to use a smartphone app to trace the journey of the stolen RX450h 6, 000 miles to the Kampala, where they were stunned to find it alongside 28 other luxury cars which had been stolen from the UK by the car-smuggling gang.

Luxury right-hand-drive cars are in great demand in Uganda, where people still drive on the left as part of the British colonial legacy but import companies struggle to transport new vehicles.

The stolen Lexus which led to the discovery of the smuggling ring was taken in April, and later tracked to Le Havre, in France, where it was shipped across the Mediterranean Sea and through the Suez Canal down to the Middle Eastern nation of Oman.

This expensive Range Rover Evoque was one of the £1 million fleet of cars discovered in Kampala
This expensive Range Rover Evoque was one of the £1 million fleet of cars discovered in Kampala

It was then shipped to Mombasa in Kenya before being transported by road to Kampala in a steel container.

The tracking app even allowed police to identify how corrupt officials in both Kenya and Uganda, infiltrate the criminal syndicate and understand its operation.

National Crime Agency regional manager Paul Stanfield, who tracked the vehicle and uncovered the smuggling gang, said: ‘This investigation is an excellent example of the close co-operation between the UK National Crime Agency, National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, Interpol and [anti-fraud investigators] APU to tackle the increasing threat from organized vehicle crime.


‘Working with the police and security services in Kenya and Uganda, we have been able to dismantle an international criminal network that has been responsible for stealing high-value cars from the UK and exporting them to East Africa.’

It is believed that all of the stolen vehicles were equipped with keyless ignition, which the criminals managed to breach by using reprogrammed keys to start the cars up and drive off.

Car manufacturers, insurance companies and police forces in UK are facing an uphill battle against the sophisticated method.

A URA Officer inspects a champagne-coloured Range Range Sport
A URA Officer inspects a champagne-coloured Range Range Sport

Since the start of the year, more than 40,000 cars have been stolen in London with a quarter of these using keyless technology.

In upmarket Kensington and Chelsea, officers are now stopping high-end vehicles being driven in the area after midnight, when many vehicle thefts take place.

The car-smuggling ring was broken up by both Mr Stanfield, with technology provided by APU Ltd.

‘Having seen how private and public sectors have worked hand-in-hand so perfectly during this investigation, I am in no doubt what it means for the success of future operations and the importance of collaboration and looking at organisations like APU,’ Mr Stanfield said.

The fleet of stolen cars, mainly made up of Range Rovers, BMWs, Audis and other prestige makes, is now in the process of being shipped back to the UK.

Daily Mail 

President Museveni is yet to issue directives authorising the withdrawal of Ugandan troops and military equipment from South Sudan, there an army official said Tuesday.

This followed claims that starting next week, sildenafil the UPDF would start vacating South Sudan.

It was also alleged that President Museveni agreed with his Sudan counterpart Omar Bashir and rebel leader Dr Riek Machar during a recent meeting in Khartoum to pull Ugandan troops from the war-torn country.

Asked by ChimpReports to comment on the reports, seek Uganda army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda responded: “Well, the Commander-in-chief has not issued orders to that effect.”

He added: “We await instructions.”

Uganda deployed heavily armed soldiers in South Sudan in December 2013 after a heavy gun battle broke out in the presidential compound between Machar’s Neur tribesmen and Gen Salva Kiir’s Dinka loyalists in the Tiger Presidential Guard.

The fighting spread to the Capital, Juba with atrocities being committed by both sides.

Realising that Kiir’s government was under a major threat from Machar’s forces, Museveni dispatched elite military components that drove rebels into the far North and created a safe corridor for the evacuation of foreigners and movement of goods from Uganda to South Sudan.


Since then, UPDF has vowed not to quit until it’s certain about the security situation in South Sudan which is Uganda’s major export destination and foreign exchange earner.

Uganda was reaping as much as $1.3bn per year from a stable Sudan, only for the exports revenues to plummet to about $70m per year following the breakout of war.

However, according to the peace deal signed by Machar and Kiir, Uganda is supposed to vacate South Sudan.

Kampala insists UPDF are in South Sudan under a bilateral agreement with South Sudan.

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