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UPDF Denies Incursion in DRC

Uganda has denied reports that at least 200 of UPDF soldiers made an incursion into Congo during the weekend.

Civil Society groups claim two hundred armed men dressed in uniforms similar to that of the UPDF have crossed from Uganda, through multiple points, into the DRC.

The reports further showed that UPDF personnel had camped in Beni’s (North Kivu) villages of Kalehaheha,  Kalindera and Mumbiri.

Army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said in a statement on Monday: “We categorically state that the UPDF has not crossed into the DRC, does not have intentions to do so and will not therefore cross the said borders.”

Intelligence reports have in recent months indicated increased military activity in eastern Congo, with rebel ADF fighters regrouping in Mwalika.

The DRC state machinery is largely absent in the mountainous region of Rwenzori and better part of North Kivu, allowing ADF to recruit fighters and engage in trade.

Ankunda said, “We respect International Laws, governing troop movements across borders, to which Uganda is a signatory.”

He added: “UPDF can only cross the borders for a known mission on the express authorization of the host nation’s government or organs like the African Union or the United Nations.”

ChimpReports last week reported that ADF rebels had resumed military preparations in the vast country after their bases were destroyed in heavy bombardments by the Congolese army.

Ankunda today said “The Ministry of Defence of Uganda and the UPDF promote the spirit of brotherhood, cooperation and good neighbourhood with all Uganda’s neighbours with the goal of attaining regional peace and stability.

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