UPDF Commander Peter Elwelu Visits Uganda Troops In Somalia

Commander Land Forces (CLF), Lt Gen Peter Elwelu has On the 14th February 2019, visited the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) of Barawe, Bulomareer, Qoryoley and Ceeljaley-Marka, all manned by Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces in Somalia.

The Commander’s visit is focused on boosting the morale of his troops and to commend them for the job well done in liberating Somalia.

While meeting the troops, Elwelu informed them that back home everything was in control, the leadership was only concerned with safety of its troops in Somalia.

“We have secured the whole country, Uganda now is peaceful. What concerns us now are our troops in the mission area. We want you to come back home alive. Protect yourselves, work as a team to overcome the challenges that you are facing and consolidate  the achievements so far made. Alshabaab are keenly observing all your activities in order to identify weaknesses in order to strike,remember that.”

He also emphasized that war in Somalia will be finished by Somalis themselves, UPDF and other troop contributing countries have done their part by liberating most parts of Somalia.

Underscoring the achievements made,  Elwelu said that the Federal Government of Somalia is now operating in Somalia, unlike 2007, and has expanded its area of influence in almost all the towns.

“Somalia now is at the verge of attaining total peace, unlike in 2007 government is in place with Federal states running, business is booming and almost all the towns are under the control of FGS. Uganda and other TCCs have done their best by pacifying Somalia; the small challenges remaining will be handled by Somalis themselves. The destiny of Somalia lies with Somalis,” Elwelu stated.

Elwelu also held discussions with Somali  District leaders in Ceeljaley-Marka.


He thanked them for hosting AMISOM troops and the cordial relationship between troops and the civilians.

“We thank you for working with us so that we bring peace to Somalia. Without your cooperation, our soldiers would not manage to operate effectively. Indeed, you have hosted us as brothers, we pledge to work together to maintain the achievements realized in Somalia for if Somalia is peaceful, Uganda will also be at peace.”

The Commander  was accompanied by UPDF field commanders in Somalia; Col Jespar Abeka the Contingent Operations officer, Lt Col Bernard Tugume the Chief Military Information Officer CMIO, Maj Matsiko among others.

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