UPDF Brigadier Builds Church For Locals In Iganga Distric

Brigadier Jackson Mulondo, the Deputy Chief Of Logistics and Engineering (CLE) in the UPDF has built a church in Bugobi Town Council, Iganga District.

The church which was named St Luke, was handed over to the community on 2 December 2018 at a colorful ceremony, officiated by the Minister of State for Defence and Gen Duties Okello Engola, who was representing the Speaker of Parliament, and a host of UPDF Generals.

In his remarks, Engola congratulated the people of Bugobi and Busoga region upon receiving a gift in form of a church that was built by a UPDF General.

Engola noted that Mulondo and his family are a true reflection of UPDF’s support to faith and worship.

“We are emulating what the Commander in Chief is doing in the community and am also happy to be here as a Minister of State for Defence in charge of general duties because UPDF is known for being a God fearing force in the East African region,” Engola said.

He further told Bugobi Congregation that UPDF has been successful within Uganda and in the region not only because of its discipline and professionalism but also because of its Fear Of the Lord.

He said one of UPDF’s intentions is to transform Uganda’s society to another level through creating wealth and transforming livelihoods.



He thanked the people of Busoga for supporting NRM’s government programs and assured the people of the Government’s commitment to ensuring peace and security to the people of Uganda and the neighboring region.

“We want to see that the fertile land in Busoga is effectively put to use in order to transform the people through Operation Wealth Creation.”

He also said that government has invested a lot of resources in construction and maintenance of major roads for economic transformation while health centers and hospitals are now well equipped with medical equipment and health workers among others.

He applauded Mulondo’s contribution to the people of Busoga and asked other UPDF officers to emulate him.

Engola announced shs3,000,000 as church contribution from the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga and also contributed shs2,000,000.

The Deputy Commander Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Charles Angina commended Mulondo upon recognizing God on account of building a church for the community in Bugobi.

He advised the community to effectively and massively use the church for God’s work.

“Don’t keep the excellent church, empty; you are the souls God is looking for most. Keep the church full all the time,” Said Angina.

Angina took on preaching to the people where he reminded them of Jesus’ work in accordance to the Bible. He said that Jesus decided to change His mode of transport from walking to a donkey. As such people would throw their cloths and linen for his donkey to move over which is reminiscent of today’s “Red Carpet”.

“Mulondo has thrown a red Carpet in form of  a magnificent church for the people of Bugobi which they must celebrate,” said Angina

He said that UPDF recognizes God’s existence and that’s why he has always given them victory. In the same vein he said UPDF is championing Wealth Creation for every Ugandan and that God doesn’t want his people to thrive in poverty.

“God is on UPDF’s side, that’s why UPDF was put in Charge of operation Wealth Creation. We thank God because he has answered our prayers,” said Angina.

The UPDF Commander of Reserve Forces Charles Awanyi said he had known and worked with Mulondo for over twenty years. He thanked God for answering Mulondo’s dream of building a church for the people of Bugobi.

Awanyi promised to invite the bishop of Busoga on the commemoration ceremony of the church he intends to finish building in Gulu District. He affirmed that it’s an eye opener to other UPDF officers to give back to God by building churches.

He informed the congregation that the Minister for works Katumba Wamala also built a church.

“We are people of God, We are God fearing people, that’s why you hear UPDF is a very strong army in the region,” said Awanyi.

Bakahumura the Chief of Logistics and Engineering (CLE) and also the immediate supervisor to Mulondo(D/CLE)  talked of him as a hardworking and God fearing officer. He recalled that both were sent on a mission in Baidoa region in Somalia before AMISOM was deployed. It’s during the errand that they built a strong professional working relationship.

Bakahumura thanked God for preserving Mulondo’s life recently when he was referred to India for medical care. He asked God to keep reserving Mulondo’s life for the good of the people he serves.

On his part, Mulondo appreciated the contributions and support from the government, UPDF leadership, St Luke Church of Uganda, Local and cultural leadership, and the community for the enduring support rendered during the building of the church  for the people of Bugobi.

Mulondo said on the same location St Luke church has been built, was the same position a church was, under a mango tree and later a grass thatched church way back in 1945. The church had been built by a now retired 94 year old former catechist Mzee Daniel Kotoi.

Mulondo said he was inspired to build a church way back in Primary one (P1) by Mzeei Kotoi. He also said that he gives Glory back to God for fulfilling his child hood dream.

He asked Bugobi community to keep attending church service, love each other, cooperate and work hard towards development. He gave gifts to some elders and church leaders as an appreciation for their contribution towards the church.

The function was attended by Minister of Works Katumba Wamala, Minister of State for Defence and Veteran Affairs Bright Rwamirama, Nakibus Lakara, Brig George Igumba(CPA), Brig Tom tumuhairwe, Brig Richard Otto(3rd Div Commd) among other high ranking officials from both government and UPDF.

Also in attendance were Paul Naimanhye, the Bishop of Busoga Diocese and Canon Patrick Wakula, the 1st Bishop of Central Busoga Diocese.

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