UPDF Breaks Silence on Military Presence in Kampala, Wakiso

Uganda’s military has reinforced deployments in Kampala and Wakiso Districts, sparking outrage among opposition leaders.

Specialised military units are visible at most police stations in the two districts while regular forces conduct night patrols.

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change on Tuesday expressed concern over the presence of army doing patrols in Kampala metropolitan area.

The party during the weekly press briefing stated that they have discussed the matter at the leadership level though no resolution was mentioned.

FDC Spokesman, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who also doubles as the Chief Opposition Whip told journalists at the party headquarters Najjanankumbi that the army is taking over the responsibility of police.

“As political party we are concerned with deployment of the military to do what is ordinarily police work which is to maintain law and order,” said Ssemujju.

According to Ssemujju the authority has not explained to the citizens the need for army deployment.

“This deployment has not been backed by any explanation from those whose duty it is to explain to citizens why they think at this time law and order must be kept by the military,” noted Ssemujju.


Defence Spokesman Brigadier Richard Karemire told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview that “partisan politics will not deter the security forces from conducting one of its functions of protecting life and property.”

He said, “Where there is need, the UPDF will always be ready and available to provide support to the Police in preventing and detecting crime in any part of the country.”

Officials told us the army now takes lead in responding to security emergencies.

ChimpReports understands intelligence obtained reports that criminals planned to increase attacks on private residences and even police stations during the festive season hence the massive deployment of the military.

Asked whether the army was implementing an unofficial curfew in the central region which has witnessed high profile brutal murders in recent months, Brig Karemire responded: “There is no curfew imposed as one of the security measures and suspected criminals will for sure be apprehended and handled in accordance with the laws.”

FDC also claimed receiving reports of “numerous arrests and disappearance of people as a result of military people patrolling and taking over Police work in Wakiso and Kampala.”

“The Party needs an explanation from government especially from the Minister of Defense and the CDF why it is important to deploy the military the way they have done and for how long the military intends to stay under deployment in Kampala,” said Ssemujju.

Brig Karemire said, “There should be no need to panic” as the army is supporting police operations to address criminality.

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