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UPDF Arrests 15 Illegal Congolese Fishermen On Lake Edward

On Wednesday, the marine unit of Uganda carried out an operation on lake Edward in western Uganda and arrested 15 Congolese nationals who were illegally fishing on Ugandan waters.

According to security sources, the arrested were not in possession of fishing licences and were also using illegal fishing gears.

The arrested who were this morning handed over to police are currently detained at Katwe Kabatoro police station in the western district of Bundibugyo Vide CRB 234/2019.

Police told chimp corps that their file is completed and will this afternoon be arraigned before the courts of law.

The suspects pending court appearance have been identified as Kasereka Masinda, Muhindo Kasau, Mumbere Mboho, Muhindo Kyabiro, Kakule Malero, Muhindo Emmanuel, Muhindo Lusenge and Kambale Ginga.

Others include: Kasereka Javie, Paluku Katina, Muhindo Masivie Kambere Kasongwele, Kasayi KaserekaJavi Paluku Katina, Mumbere Victori and Kacuba Mukobere all from Kyavinyonge landing in Kivu North in the DRC

Authorities also said that apart from illegal fishing methods, the suspects will also be charged with illegal entry into Uganda.

In the recent past, there was an alarm by fisheries authorities that Congolese were trespassing on Ugandan water bodies in western Uganda who also used illegal methods of fishing.


However the encroachment by the DRC intruders was attributed to insufficient man power to fight the crime.

“The UPDF marine unit has now taken over security on the lakes in the area.”


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