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UPDF ARMS SCANDAL: Museveni to Determine Brig Kyanda’s Fate

The Commander-in-chief of the armed forces Gen Yoweri Museveni has received a classified intelligence report on a Shs 2bn fake arms deal in the UPDF, buy more about Chimp Corps report.

This website recently broke news of a Polish firm known as BPM Poland being conned from the boardroom of the UPDF General Headquarters in Bombo.

The firm was informed that UPDF needed armour, tanks and surveillance vehicles. Yet, this matter had never been discussed by the UPDF High Command or any relevant organ.

A fake 12M Euros contract was later signed before the Polish contractors were told to release Shs 500,000 Euros to prepare for paper work.

Upon receiving money, the Ugandan army officers and a conman known as Sam Simbwa switched off their phones and cut off communication with the Polish contractors.

The aggrieved party decided to report a case of fraud at the Police Special Investigations Unit under Mark Odong.

Simbwa was arrested but a senior army officer reportedly ordered Odong to release him.

On learning about the development, President Museveni tasked Col Herbert Mbonye, the Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence, to investigate the matter.


Telephone analysis

Highly placed sources told ChimpReports that Mbonye, who was assisted in the investigation by Captain Joshua Karamagi, recently handed their investigation report to President Museveni for action.

The dossier, according to officials, pins the UPDF Chief of Staff Land Forces Brigadier General Leopold Kyanda as one of the masterminds of the fraud.

Col Herbert Mbonye who led the investigation
Col Herbert Mbonye who led the investigation

“The key in the investigation was the telephone analysis,” said a top source who is knowledgeable about the matter.

“The telephone numbers of Sam Simbwa and Brig Kyanda were confirmed to have been in constant contact,” the source added.

In a recent interview with ChimpReports, army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said he was not aware about any investigation into the matter.

He also contacted Brig Kyanda who denied ordering Odong to release Simbwa.

Brigadier Kyanda further denied knowing or dealing with Simbwa in any defence transaction.

ChimpReports went ahead to contact the head of Military Intelligence in the UPDF, Brigadier Charles Bakahumura on the fake arms deals.

“Muhame, that’s a procurement issue. I don’t handle procurement. You are asking a wrong person,” said Bakahumura before hanging up.


Despite all these denials, we have authoritatively established that the Mbonye investigation proved that Kyanda indeed called Mark Odong on the date when Simbwa was released from Kireka.

“Mark Odong also confirmed to the investigation team led by Col Mbonye and Capt. Joshua Karamagi that he was instructed by Brig Kyanda that Simbwa should be released because he had to travel for special state operations abroad,” said a source.

“That’s how Simbwa was released and his passport given back to him.”

Simbwa, who is not known as a member of security or government, has two passports – one ordinary and another Official.

Museveni was informed by Mbonye that on the day the Polish investors were in Bombo the mobile phone records of Simbwa and Kyanda also showed them to have been in the area.

Simbwa posing for pictures with Polish contractors after signing a bogus defence contract (Source: Courtesy Photo)
Simbwa posing for pictures with Polish contractors after signing a bogus defence contract (Source: Courtesy Photo)

Asked how the conman and Polish investors accessed Bombo Military Headquarters Boardroom, the source said the group got special clearance from the Chief of staff.

“The officers who have offices near the boardroom saw the Bazungus and Simbwa and other people but they didn’t know what they had come to do,” a source added.

President Museveni is expected to take action in regard to the probe findings. Usually, the president gives the accused a chance to defend themselves before cracking the whip.

“Kyanda’s fate remains unclear. What we know is that the President is so ruthless in enforcing discipline in the armed forces. Senior army officers are frustrated and disgusted by the latest scandal,” said a senior government official.

Kyanda Profile

This is not the first time Kyanda is being accused of facilitating a crime.

In 2008, Kyanda’s former aide, Lt Bob Drani stormed DHL offices in Kampala where he grabbed a parcel containing illicit drugs.

Police had sealed off the Clement Hill-based courier company following a tip-off by an informer.

Before police could lay their hands on the drug parcel, Drani took it away.

At the time, Kyanda served as Military Intelligence chief.

Instead of helping police investigations by handing over Drani for interrogation, Kyanda ordered Captain Julius Mbaine, then Director of Counter-Intelligence, to put Drani under ‘house arrest’.

This angered Kyanda’s deputy, Lt. Col. Dominic Turwomwe, who had preferred a tougher stance on Drani.

A few days later, Kyanda suspended Mbaine, replacing him with his former aide Jimmy Asizuwa.

Basing on this development, President Museveni decided to send Kyanda to United States as a Defence Attaché – which was seen as a demotion.

On return to Kampala, Kyanda asked to be close to the First Family so as to build his spirituality through prayer – a request that was granted.

Convinced that Kyanda had reformed, Museveni in May 2013, appointed him Chief of Personnel and Administration in the UPDF.

The former Presidential Guard Brigade Commander was later elevated to UPDF Chief of Staff Land Forces, replacing Major General Charles Angina – who was promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed Deputy Chief of Defence Forces of Uganda.

“Many thought Kyanda was a changed man. He became so prayerful and excelled in his assignments. But it appears this was not the case and the President is not impressed,” said a deep-throat source.

In 1994, Kyanda served as then Brigadier Ivan Koreta’s driver before joining the PGB which he would later command.

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