UPC’s Kemba Speaks out on his Alleged Suspension

Following a decision by the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) Assistant Secretary General Fred Ebil to suspend the party’s Chief Administrative Secretary, buy Higenyi Kemba, information pills the later has appealed to the public to disregard the talks and treat such with contempt.

Ebil told ChimpReports on Thursday that the decision to have Kemba suspended together with some other secretariat staff members was done in a bid to restore sanity and increase professionalism at the secretariat for the smooth running of party activities.

According to Ebil, viagra 40mg Kemba was among others suspended for his failure to prevail over staff members that exercised gross indiscipline who included; Annet Sserwada, Richard Angweri and Tom Omino and failure to safe guard party documents.

Kemba said that it is so absurd that ever since the party lost two of its top leaders, the Secretary General, Edward Seganyi and the Vice President, Patrick Mwondha who have never been replaced, there are uncoordinated interruptions in the normal operations of the party.

“My alleged suspension can’t take effect because there is no serious basis and actually am still carrying on my normal duties as a Chief Administrative Secretary; this is one of the misguided statements and should be treated with contempt,” Kemba said.

Kemba confirmed that true party documents were being leaked by Annet Sserwada who was intercepted by the Head of Security Richard Angweri upon exercising his duties.

“As an administrator I did an investigation and made a report which among others shows that Tom Omino in defending Annet used a sharp object against Angweri spilling his blood and injuring him on the chest,” Kemba narrated.

“This was an act of gross indiscipline and violation of conduct and these two people would have been dismissed immediately.”


Kemba added that, “I have never been involved in any indiscipline, given my position the Secretary General can’t deal with me on such grounds and if anything against me, it would be an issue of the party’s cabinet.”

On lack of experience and qualification to handle the office, Kemba noted that he is a graduate with Masters in Administration from Makerere University and has an expirience of serving actively in the party for a period of 20 years.

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